Top or Bottom? Shaun Spills the T

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Picture it: the year is 2007. The time is late at night. The setting is an infomercial playground unspooling on your outdated plasma TV. You are tossing restlessly in your bed, yearning for an outlet where you can channel your pent-up energy. Suddenly, a glistening Adonis appears on your screen, barking orders at you, to which you eagerly submit.

Shaun T (born Shaun Thompson) introduced his Hip Hop Abs program to the willing world over a decade ago. Since then, his workout videos flourished into a franchise that included T25 (aka Insanity). Shaun bravely came out as a sexual assault survivor, he embraced his strength and orientation, and he married his sweetheart Scott Blokker, a former pro soccer player.

After the wedding, Shaun took his husband’s last name, but the T still towers as his triumphant brand. Thanks to his domination of Instagram, Shaun T has grown ever more powerful in our hearts, minds, and fertile fantasies. But it’s his recent social media waltz with Cardi B that caught our admiring eyes. Ms. B tweeted a testament to Shaun’s epic twerking abilities.

Indeed, Shaun popped that booty so effortlessly, it made our collective WAP flow anew. His seductive dance moves ignited a maelstrom of online speculation. What position does Shaun T prefer when he’s not squatting and sweating his way through a military style exercise regimen? We scoured his Insta feed for answers. Does Shaun chow the donut?

Yes! Does he grind and spoon like a dream come true?

Indubitably! But what is Shaun T’s specialty in the boudoir? When one tweep presumed that Shaun’s backend talents verified his bottom status, our fave fitness guru unsealed his lips and swiveled those hips.

Ah, vers – we knew it! Shaun’s hypnotic maneuvers are so alluring, they cannot be limited by label or expectation. Top, bottom, and everything in between, Shaun T is as intoxicating as ever. Speaking of which, it’s almost time for wine night with the happy couple. Cheers to you, Shaun and Scott – bottoms up!

Photo: Twitter @ShaunT


Last modified: October 16, 2020