Travel With A Twist

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I always look forward to our annual Travel Issue — maybe because I enjoy travel so much myself.

We’ve got plenty to offer you this year. Like our trip to Hawaii in which we search for [perfect pampering]. We’ll soon be sharing a piece on our visit to the coast of Croatia, including a stop at the amazing walled city of Dubrovnik, with European luxury on the shores of Lake Geneva soon after.

What I’m particularly excited for you to see in this year’s Travel Issue is not simply what we’re covering but how we’re covering it. With this issue, we reveal the results of a project we’ve been working on as part of our ongoing 25th Anniversary celebration: a little birthday makeover.

With this latest redesign, our aim has been to keep all the great content that you love, but to present it in a way that’s more beautiful and streamlined — leaving plenty of room for our words and images to breathe in order to create an even more rewarding experience for our readers. You’ll find this redesign extends to, as well.

Before I send you journeying on through our Travel Issue, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge someone who has been a great friend — both to me personally and to our publication: the wonderful photographer and travel journalist Edwin Santiago. Not only will he be your guide through our feature on Croatia, but you’ll also find some of his images in our piece on Hawaii, and you can follow more of his globetrotting adventures via his exciting new travel blog, You’ll even see him on the page previous to this one doing what he does best: exploring the world with his camera at the ready.
With that, I’ll extend my sincerest thanks to Edwin, to the team who worked on our redesign, and to everyone who contributed to this, our annual celebration of travel. On behalf of everyone at Metrosource, I wish you a bon voyage and many happy returns.

By Rob Davis

Last modified: July 27, 2017