Trip Richards: Gender > Genitals

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Allow your robust imagination to run wild for a moment. Picture a bearded, muscular hottie with alluring tattoos etched into his hairy chest and bulbous shoulders. Are you envisioning the truck-stop Adonis now?

So, what do you think he’s packing? Does size matter? How about gender? Adult video star Trip Richards is defying all SEXpectations and satisfying carnal cravings across a wide spectrum of appetites.

“As a transmale performer,” Trip explains on his website, “I certainly do not have the anatomy of a typical male pornstar. But I offer something uniquely erotic!”

The hirsute 29-year-old identifies as bisexual, opening his heart and body to a diverse array of partners. “I have lots of sex, with beautiful people of varied sizes, shapes, gender identities, ages, and colors.”


Our dirty minds are reeling with a roster of permutations. We are engulfed with fantasies involving contorted erotic positions, versatile bodily mechanics, and meaty roles for someone as charismatic and delectable as Trip. He welcomes our curiosity, devouring it in a recent interview with Advocate. “Fetishization is, in my opinion, a natural part of eroticism. It only becomes problematic when it occurs to such an extent that it obscures basic humanity. Since porn is my full-time job, I don’t have a problem with fans seeing my body as a sexual object, provided that they are paying for content and treating me nicely.”

How could anyone treat this godlike creation with anything but throbbing affection? Trip embarked on his corporeal transition five years ago, allowing his mental and emotional states to flourish. “It was like my head cleared and I felt at home in my body for the first time ever,” narrates Trip. “Once the physical changes like body and hair and beard began, I felt even better. While these physical characteristics do not define manhood (being a man is about identity not appearance), it still felt great to finally recognize myself in the mirror as the man I was on the inside.”

The bottom line: confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Just ask Trip Richards… if you’re not too busy drooling, that is.

Photo: Instagram @triplextransman_

Last modified: December 2, 2020