Turning the Page: GenderCool Tells Their Stories

Written by | The Lens

We are consumed by digital noise. Everyone has an opinion and they feel inclined to post their perceived brilliance AT FULL VOLUME.

Unfortunately, the loudest voice in the room often dominates the conversation, but that’s why it’s important to listen more closely. The most enlightened among us may just be the softest spoken, so we should all just be cool…

GenderCool is an organization dedicated to replacing the misinformation, meltdowns and malevolence of the anti-trans movement with (gay gasp!) the truth. After all, our way of life is not a choice or an agenda or a conspiracy… it’s just who we are.

The best way to convey our shared experiences is by dialing down our rhetoric and ramping up our humanity. The members of GenderCool are achieving this ambitious goal by publishing stories about themselves.

These are books by kids and for kids, because adolescence is a minefield of insecurity. By guiding their fellow teens through the rigors of living their authentic lives, the GenderCool squad is solidifying their position as ambassadors of inclusion.

One young author named Hunter Chinn-Raicht tells the Today Show, the purpose of their tales is to “provide positive ways to replace misconceptions with real experiences with trans and non-binary kids, focusing on who we are, not what we are.”

And who they are is a formidable trendsetter in the field of trans rights. GenderCool just got a big boost of resources in the form of a $500,000 grant to continue their outreach and education initiatives.

As their founders Jen Grosshandler, John Grosshandler and Gearah Goldstein posted on the group’s Facebook page:

“We’re so grateful to receive this grant from the Gill Foundation and thrilled that these resources will help GenderCool — led by the incredible young people we call Champions — continue to make an impact changing hearts and minds.”

Consider ours won over. We congratulate GenderCool on their recognition and their resilience, and we can’t wait for the next chapter in their saga. This is, most assuredly, not The End.

Last modified: August 18, 2021