Twitter Reacts to Netflix’s “Special” about a Gay Man Living with Disability

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Cast of Special

The second weekend in April was a big one for TV. Of course, Game of Thrones returned. And heartthrob Noah Centineo continued his rom-con reign with The Perfect Date. But elsewhere on Netflix, a new show was offering us a sexy, funny, emotional take on being a queer person living with a disability, and Twitter was all over it:

Ryan O’Connell

Series creator and star Ryan O’Connell got things going with this intriguing invitation:

Alex Goldschmidt

Digital media manager, Alex Goldschmidt pointed out that eight episodes at 15 minutes per episode makes for a quick binge, indeed:

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Ryan J. Haddad

Actor and playwright Ryan J. Haddad joined others in thanking the show for showing a person with cerebral palsy having a sex life:

Robbie Rozelle

Director Robbie Rozelle tried to incite a little FOMO among those who hadn’t gotten on the binge-wagon:

Gizmo Varillas

Musicians were excited to have their work associated with the groundbreaking show:

Rob Cook

Theater pro Rob Cook noticed at least one familiar face among the cast:

Kyle Peter

Writer and performer Kyle Peter was not alone in expressing admiration for the pert posterior of Brian Jordan Alvarez:

Angel Van Stark

And Angel Van Stark shared the overwhelming sentiment that we need more Special (and more shows like Special) ASAP:

Have you watched Special? Did you like what you saw? Do you need more? Drop your take in the comments below:

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Last modified: April 15, 2019