Twitter in Uproar as “Fosse/Verdon” Goes Full “Pippin” in Episode 4 “Glory”

Well, Fosse/Verdon promised to go full “Pippin” this week, and they delivered. Here’s how the show’s fans and creators are flipping out over Season One Episode Four – “Glory”:

Alex Lacamoire

Musician extraordinaire Alex Lacamoire explains this episode’s disturbing lack of Liza with a Z:

Randy Rainbow

We feel you, Randy. We would have loved to see your Ann, as well:

Greg Brian

Writer Greg Brian mistook Fosse’s depressive breakdown for a heart attack – but it’s still interesting to note that his health problems had already begun:

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Forrest Satchell

Tonight’s episode reminded writer and producer Forrest Satchell of the Fosse’s famous pseudo-autobiography:

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Emily Clark

Musical theater teacher and web series creator Emily Clark pretty much summed up the internet’s reaction to the episode’s grand finale:

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

And then our beloved Lin-Manuel went right back to work:

Still processing all that “Glory”? While you do, see what Twitter had to say about Fosse/Verdon Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 5!

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