See James Van Der Beek as Never Before: Playing DJ Diplo

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James Van Der Beek

Diplo is the kind of superstar DJ with whom you might not be familiar if you’re not into EDM. That may be about to change as the Viceland network prepares to premiere its first scripted comedy featuring James Van Der Beek playing a fictionalized version of the DJ. It was inspired by a “Day in the Life of Diplo” video Van Der Beek starred to promote Diplo’s touring concert event, Mad Decent Block Party. The series is tentatively titled What Would Diplo Do? and is slated to premiere this August. Diplo has often publicly declared himself “half gay” and proclaimed that “everyone’s a ‘lil gay.” While we don’t yet know whether the show will tackle the topic (or which of his halves might be gay), we’re sure curious what Diplo would do about it.

Last modified: August 9, 2017