Fazzari, Dominick M., D.C.

Fazzari, Dominick M., D.C.

274 Madison Avenue, Suite 1304

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About Fazzari, Dominick M., D.C.

The Center For Spinal Correction

If you are suffering from low back pain, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, or neck pain, we have a truly Innovative technique (Adavanced Biostructural Correction) that our patients say is the most effective way of eliminating pain and making your body stronger.

We are a facility that quickly eliminates neck pain, back pain or virtually any pain syndrome that is coming from a “crooked spine or frame “. I, like many, suffered for years before finding the holy grail of chiropractic, which is to make your body straight again.

This is accomplished by treating the body as a whole or singular unit. In our office we gently position the bones (and this is a key factor) in the proper depth, direction and sequence. Ultimately correcting posture, eliminating pain, and making your body work at it’s fullest ability. Not only does our treatment eliminate pain but the more treatment you receive the stronger your body will become.

Please check out our Google reviews for the Center for Spinal Correction.

Below are before and after photos of typical patients. Notice the improved posture, position of the head on the grid, the rounded shoulders are corrected and even the patients tilt is improved. These are typical results and occur with virtually everyone even on the first visit. We eliminate pain, correct posture, make you straighter stronger, look and feel younger.

We are located in Midtown Manhattan at 274 Madison Avenue with late evening appointments available. We are also located in our Long Island facility in Melville New York.

Our office accepts most major medical insurances.

Please call for a free consultation. If you are not satisfied with our first treatment, there will be no charge to you or your insurance company.

Our Locations
274 Madison Ave Suite 1304
New York, NY 10016
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2 Leefield Gate
Melville, NY 11417


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