Maze Women's Sexual Health

Maze Women's Sexual Health

633 Third Avenue, Suite 9B

New York, NY 10017


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About Maze Women's Sexual Health

Service Areas: NY

Maze Women's Sexual Health is committed to helping women solve their sexual health challenges with compassionate and experienced staff, trained specifically in female sexual health. Maze believes in a multifaceted approach to resolving problems that have evolved recently, or those that have lingered for years. Comprised of both medical professionals and therapists, the team is led by Bat Sheva Marcus, LCSW, MPH, PHD and Clinical Director of Maze Women’s Health.

They specialize in treating:

Low sex drive

Orgasm challenges (including the O-Shot)

Pelvic Pain (such as Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, General Dyspareunia)

Vaginismus (including Botox Therapy)

Menopause (including Hormone Therapy, MonaLisa Touch)

Arousal disorders

Maze Women’s Sexual Health is part of the Maze Health Group, which also includes Maze Men's Sexual & Reproductive Health, Maze Labs and Maze Cord Blood.

633 Third Avenue, Suite 9B New York, NY 10017

2975 Westchester Avenue, Suite G-03 Purchase, NY 10577

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