Village Apothecary Celebrating 40 Years of Caring for our Community

pharmacist helps customer at village apothecary

Some heroes fly . . .  others dispense medicine and advice. An independently-owned pharmacy located on the corner of Bleecker St. and West 10th proves just that. Celebrating its 40th anniversary serving the community, Village Apothecary has played a pivotal role in keeping the people of Greenwich Village healthy.

In 1983, Michael Konnon, a pharmacist, businessman and community leader, founded this iconic neighborhood shop with an open heart and an open mind. When the AIDS epidemic struck New York City in the early 80s, Village Apothecary quickly became a safe haven for affected patients who came to fill the rare prescriptions that had yet to appear on the shelves of major chain stores. Without judgement, they were embraced by a strong collective of healthcare professionals, many of whom still come through the doors to this day.

Despite increased prevalence of HIV-related medications, many patients still struggle to secure their necessary prescriptions due to tedious mail-order systems, prior authorization requirements and other routine obstacles. Village Apothecary continues to advocate on their behalf to supply prescription therapy at prices that make sense. Director of Pharmacy Services, John Kaliabakos, currently oversees prescription care for hundreds of HIV patients, and works closely with the area’s top HIV specialists to ensure the best products and programs take root inside Village Apothecary.

Village Apothecary was one of the first pharmacies in the state of New York to partner with the New York State Department of Health’s AIDS Institute to initiate HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication therapy to individuals with a recent exposure to HIV. Village Apothecary continued to support the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with continued pharmacy-related services, and actively worked at obtaining and dispensing mokeypox vaccinations.

Understanding the rich contributions Village Apothecary has made to its neighborhood, it should come as no surprise that the store has received accolades and awards, and Kaliabakos was most recently honored with the prestigious Impact Award, which honors individuals who have made a difference in the NYC queer community.

In addition to providing highly personalized care and hard to find prescriptions, Village Apothecary’s beautifully organized storefront also features high-end skincare products and toiletries, many of which are produced by local purveyors. “There aren’t many independent shops like ours left in the city,” says Owner, Vijay Desai. “We have a responsibility to our customers and our neighborhood to offer high quality, ethical products. We’re lucky enough to have a loyal audience who keeps coming back, and in return we pledge to provide them with attention and fellowship they won’t find anywhere else.”

Village Apothecary is truly the community pharmacy that cares. Happy 40th Anniversary!


Village Apothecary

346 Bleecker St.

Greenwich Village, NY 10014


Open M-F 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-5pm; Sun Closed


Last modified: July 21, 2023