Vote Hard! Grindr Demands Compliance

Written by | The Lens

We’re not going to get bogged down in modern politics because that’s the ultimate boner-killer. Elections sink erections! However, we will emphasize the need for gay advocacy in these cray-cray times. Unlike hetero voters, our rights are on the ballot yet again. Funny how that happens, eh? Not “funny ha ha,” more like “funny as a ruptured hemorrhoid.” Every voting cycle, hypocritical politicians try to demonize our LGBTQ family, arguing that we’re not really “family” unless we have a mistress on the side and a hideous combover on top.

Anywho! The queer community is vulnerable to discrimination in the workplace and the loss of marital rights at home. So, where are we safe? In the voting booth!

Grindr is unleashing a cock—oops, we mean ROCK the vote initiative that hits all your buttons. Their new video begins with a triumvirate of beefy performers seen showering, lubing, and spanking the drum to drive up awareness.

Has someone been reading our PornHub bookmarks? Boomer Banks, Patrick Smith, and Rhyheim Shabazz kick off the clip by raising our… social consciousness, at which point the video’s central messaging takes over. Chase Icon picks up the slick, rigid baton and passes it to her gal & guy pals: Aquaria, Sai, and Joella Perry.

The fiercely fabulous cast writhes in their respective boudoirs in tune to the intoxicating pulse of the soundtrack. What is striking about the on-screen talent is how uniformly sensual they really are, no matter what your personal tastes may be. Kaeden, Brendan Jordan, and Rock Evans quickly join the orgasmic montage, adding nipple-licking and civic urgency to the mix.

They pile on the innuendo, entreating viewers to pull a big lever to satisfy their insatiable needs. But after the sexy smoke clears, the crew gets real. They discuss how trans rights are endangered, how COVID has decimated our society, and how WAY damn important it is to vote.

Patrick Smith even licks an envelope seductively. He could stuff our ballot box anytime! Check out Grindr’s moving tribute to democracy done right… and left… and under, and over, and over, and – YAAS, vote!


Last modified: October 27, 2020