WATCH: Greg Holden Releases "Boys In The Street" Video

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UK singer Greg Holden has released a music video for “Boys in the Street,” an introspective song about how his father took in news that his son is gay.

The title refers to the singer’s father asking him how he’s to respond to neighbors when they see his son kissing boys in the street. Brett Sullivan’s video is reminiscent of Belgian singer Stromae’s “Papaoutai,” which also represented a difficult father-son relationship.

Amidst a recent stream of pumping dance jams jockeying to be song of the summer, Holden’s release is a down-tempo ballad with some heartbreaking lyrics: “Now that I’m older my daddy’s heart’s a little warmer / But he still won’t hug me like my brother and he still won’t kiss me like my mother.” Give it a watch!

“Boys in the Street” is on the album Chase the Sun, available on iTunes now.

Last modified: July 27, 2017