WATCH: Kylie and Dannii's "100 Degrees"

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When you put the Minogue sisters in the same recording studio, you know there’s going to be dancing.


Kylie’s new Christmas album, Kylie Christmas, features duets with Iggy Pop (on “Christmas Wrapping”), James Corden (on a beautifully orchestrated cover of Yaz’s “Only You”) and, on the deluxe version, sister Dannii Minogue.

That last one, “100 Degrees,” is straight-up disco in Christmas-carol drag. The song’s studio video opens with a breathy Kylie in black in white before a dance-floor woodblock pulls her like Dorothy into the Technicolor Munchkinland of an up-tempo duet with Dannii.

Kylie Christmas is out now. Metrosource is giving away five copies on November 24; enter now to win one!


Last modified: July 27, 2017