Welcome to Newport Beach, California — Where Life Is . . . Just That

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Beyond Los Angeles, a few miles south into the Orange curtain is the lovely coastal city of Newport Beach in southern California: known for its large, boat-filled harbor, palatial beach homes, fabulous restaurants (as well as fake boobs. overly bo-toxed locals, and tons and tons of hot daddies. Oops, I mean dudes.

Newport Beach, CA

Experience the radiant sun, sand and surf, and discover the sophisticated charm of Newport Beach just the way those lovely (and by lovely, I mean catty) women of Housewives of Orange County — from a yacht!

Newport Beach, CA

With the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, Newport Beach offers great swimming, surfing, people watching and fishing. The boats here are phenomenal. For many of those not familiar with boats and yachts, Newport Beach harbor is something like the parking lot for the Rolls Royces and BMWs of the boating world. Once a client of mine asked me to shoot his small 30-foot boat. which I estimated would be worth maybe $30,000. Well, apparently it is the granddaddy of all fishing boats (since they only manufactured 10 of them), and his little vessel was valued at $1.5 million dollars.

Newport Beach, CA

I have been to Newport Beach dozens of times, but going on a boat or yacht trip along its coast takes your experience to an entirely different level. You’ll get a chance to see dolphins, sea lions, and on occasion, whales. Yachting isn’t just a sport in Newport Beach; it’s a lifestyle. I have no doubt you’d have a blast along the Newport Harbor. Your only problem will be finding a yacht, or a friend who owns one.

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Last modified: July 11, 2017