Well Hungary: Protesters Rally Against Homophobic New Law

Written by | The Lens

We say it so often that it threatens to become a cliché: representation matters. Although the two-word anthem is bracingly important, we must really savor its implications. To view the matter through a darker lens, what happens when representation vanishes?

Hungary’s extreme right government is about to test this chilling theorem with their sweeping fascistic law criminalizing queer content altogether.

Wannabe tyrant Viktor Orban equates LGBTQ-themed materials with propaganda, lying that Pride flags and educational curriculum might turn more people queer.

Oh, that gay cruise has already sailed, honey.

Luckily, the Hatter Society is loudly, proudly opposing the ordinance, which their spokesperson, Luca Dudits argues, “Stigmatizes LGBTQ people and actually puts LGBTQ youth more… in danger of bullying and harassment in schools and in their families as well.”

We have seen this debate rage around the world, and it is infuriatingly familiar. Queer individuals are merely demanding respect, dignity and basic human decency so we can enjoy a modicum of safety and (gosh forbid) happiness.

Meanwhile, fragile breeders whine that they’re uncomfortable, so they must immediately dismantle civil rights so that little Dakota doesn’t have to see two men hold hands.

But Dudits has had enough of the nonsense.

“We think that the only path we can pursue is civil disobedience, and we will not change anything about our activities.”


But the Hatter Society doesn’t just talk the talk; they’re blowing up the conversation… literally. The group recently staged a fabulous coup by inflating a 30-foot rainbow hued heart outside the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest.

The empowering display has made an impact that continues to ripple through EU politics. Lawmakers have denounced Orban’s government as disgraceful and they’re about to but their budget where their mouth is. Hungary has requested over 8 billion dollars in post-pandemic relief funds, but the EU is hinging their decision on various corruption concerns and human rights violation issues plaguing the Central European nation.

Once again, the greed and hatred of so-called conservatives is jeopardizing the wellbeing of the very people they govern.

But LGBTQ+ life goes on, at least for now. Homo Hungarians’ hearts swell in solidarity… and we rise alongside them to stand against oppression, wherever it may fester.


Last modified: July 17, 2021