"What Do I Do If…?" Answers Your HIV Questions

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Looking for answers to your questions about HIV — without having to read answers to everybody else’s?

By Scott A. Kramer, LCSW-R


If you’ve ever looked online for HIV-related information, then you know there are so many resources it can make your head spin. Some of them seem so technical, it seems you need an advanced medical degree to understand them. Other resources are meant for people who belong to very specific groups — which can be a turn-off if you’re not a part of the particular group being addressed.

However, the Human Rights Campaign has created a website designed to avoid this phenomenon. It’s inclusive, interactive and comprehensive, yet easy to understand. It’s called, appropriately, “What Do I Do?” (hrc.org/whatdoido)

When a visitor arrives, he’s greeted by the question, “What do i do if…?” and then asked to describe himself. If he clicks on “…I don’t know anything about HIV?” he’s sent to info that’s essential for understanding HIV but would likely be too basic for someone familiar with the disease. Whereas someone clicking on “…Someone has accused me of infecting them with HIV?” will be offered essential legal resources.

The 14 options range from practical (“…I think i have HIV?”) to action-oriented (“…If i want to get on prep?”) to thoughtful (“…The person I like has HIV?”). Take a look at the complete list of options (below) and see if any of them describe you or someone you know that would benefit from having answers to their questions about HIV — without having to wade through a bunch of excess info.


  • … I don’t know anything about HIV?
  • … I don’t know whether I’m likely to contract HIV?
  • … I think I’ve recently been exposed to HIV?
  • … I think I’ve been discriminated against because I have HIV?
  • … I think I have HIV?
  • … I recently tested positive for HIV?
  • … I recently tested negative for HIV?
  • … I want to reduce my chances of contracting HIV?
  • … the person I like has HIV?
  • … I want to get on PrEP?
  • … I can’t afford PrEP?
  • … I need help disclosing my HIV status?
  • … someone has accused me of “infecting them
    with HIV?”
  • … I don’t see my question listed here?

Last modified: June 22, 2017