What Do You Want to Ask Adam Lambert?

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To the all of Adam’s fans, thanks for the amazing questions! Paul has enough material for a weeklong interview. Keep an eye out for the feature, coming out later after we’ve all listened to The Original High like 10,000 times.

Metrosource editor Paul Hagen will soon talk to world superstar Adam Lambert. What should Paul ask him?

The new album, the old hits, the last season of American Idol, the fashion, the tour with Queen, the recording process, the guyliner, the celebrity lifestyle, the things he eats for dinner: What questions do you have?

Tell Paul in the comments below! Nothing’s off the table.

Last modified: March 22, 2018

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What Do You Want to Ask Adam Lambert?

  1. 4evrmomof4 says:

    Can you ask Adam about the meaning of his track Underground? Thanks!

  2. 4evrmomof4 says:

    Does he ever feel uncomfortable when he reads Twitter comments about him? Does he ever feel objectified?

  3. gale Derosia says:

    You never finished describing the artwork in your house!
    What kind of artwork do U have?

    Any style appeal most.

    R U still into clean lines & geometrics?

  4. Lissa says:

    He said in an interview a couple of weeks ago that he was coming to Boston? Is he still?

  5. Glamanus says:

    What is the creepiest thing you ever witnessed ?

  6. Annelies de Ruiter says:

    Hi Adam.
    I live in the Netherlands.
    You were in January 2015 in the Ziggodome with Queen.
    I was not there but hope that you come back too Holland soon so that i have a new change.
    How was your ice skating trip in Amsterdam?
    Did you ever did this before?
    Hope to meet you some day.
    greating a 49 year old Glambert

  7. Becky Hegger says:

    Looking forward to this!! Tell Adam I love him and think he’s incredibly talented. He seems to get asked the same things over and over again, so I’ll try for something new 🙂 Here it goes:

    So Adam, how do you maintain your stamina and vocal perfection throughout a 2 hour show??? I’m always amazed that your last song is as impressive as the first!! And you always keep it fresh!! What is your secret??? (I’m guessing that stamina comes in handy in, um, other areas of your life ;))

  8. Jia Yun says:

    Hi Adam! I’m so glad that you’re back and congratulations on your latest single! Just wanna ask,
    1. If you do The Original High tour in the future, will you tour in Asia countries? How about Malaysia? We really wish to see you perform live here! =)

    2. Have you stayed awake before for more than 24 hours consecutively? What do you do to keep you stay awake and not to fall asleep?

  9. Kristina (@kinkybert) says:

    I have two questions for Adam!

    My first question is that you keep talking about filmography and how hopefully in the future you’ll do some more of it, is there a show currently you would want to star on next?

    And my second question is, if you were to get another word/phrase tattoo, what would it say and which language would you get it tattooed in?

  10. Rebecca says:

    Adam mentioned connecting with Hype Williams to possibly do a video from his Trespassing album. I’m curious which song that would have been for.
    Thanks! Looking forward to a great interview.

  11. Beth says:

    I’m a really big fan from the UK – I just wondered which one of the Queen songs was Adam’s favourite to perform live? And secondly, were there any Queen songs that he wished he could have sung but didn’t make it into the tour?

    Thank you! Beth

  12. Shadow says:

    I’m curious to know more of the dark sides of The Original High….& If he could choose a song on The Original High to play nonstop ,which song would it be? 🙂

  13. Rebeka says:

    Can you ask Adam is there something special plan in his head for summer, and can he imagine a music video of “Another Lonely Night” ? Its a great song, I love it!
    Thank you Rebeka / OutlawOfLambert

  14. Gabi says:

    I really like the fresh, new sound and the single “Ghost Town”. Additionally, Adam looks just stunning these days. I assume he works out regularly and eats well. How does he keep a healthy lifestyle while being so busy?

    Another question: Adam said in a previous interview that he is dating his album right now (smart!), but in general, is it love or attraction at first sight or is it more getting to know a person first?

  15. Rebeka says:

    Can you ask Adam is there something special plan in his head for summer, and can he imagine a music video of “Another Lonely Night” ? Its a great song, I love it!
    Thank you !
    Rebeka / OutlawOfLambert

  16. Wendy says:

    What does Adam love the most about his job ? Also, I have a Springer Spaniel dog, what dog would Adam like to get when he is able xxx Love from Wendy in the UK

  17. Anna SweetLeaf says:

    What was it like working with Hype Williams on your music video for your new hit single “Ghost Town”?

  18. Anna SweetLeaf says:

    What can you tell us about working with Dr. Brian May, legendary guitarist from Queen, on the song “Lucy” that will be on your upcoming new album “The Original High”?

  19. Anna SweetLeaf says:

    What was it like working with Tove Lo on new song “Rumors” that will be on Adam’s new album “The Original High”?

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Please, no guyliner questions, no Madonna Ghosttown questions, no Idol questions (that was 6 years ago!) no gay questions……poor Adam the same questions over and over and over. There are so many excellent suggestions in these comments, I hope you do some research and talk about THE MUSIC. Thanks…..

  21. Michele says:

    Hi Adam, I keep seeing in articles & interviews that you auditioned for Idol when you were 27… you were actually 26 when you first auditioned. Just keep seeing it & it drives me crazy because it’s wrong. lol #factspolice

    Was there ever a song that was very personal to you that didn’t make it on your album, and how do you deal with that, how do you separate the personal/business part of the music business?
    Also, how do you perform heartbreaking personal songs live, do you have to disconnect? … but then it seems if you disconnect then it wouldn’t come across well. idk just curious about that

  22. Hello, Adam Can you explain the two new tracks of Another Lonely Night verse Evil In The Night and what is the mean of both songs?

  23. Deanna says:

    You have spoken about which Queen songs are the most vocally challenging for you to sing live, and now I’m wondering which song or songs off of The Original High are the most challenging vocally for you to sing live (so far anyway)?

  24. Chelsea Puchel says:

    Who would he like to collaborate with? He’s mentioned Christina Aguliera before. Song writing, duet, etc…

  25. Eryn says:

    Hi Adam, I was wondering if/when you tour The Original High will you make it a 2+ hr show, please?

  26. SottoVoce says:

    I’d like to know if the (amazing) song Evil In The Night is written from two different points of view.

  27. Beatriz says:

    Hi Metrosource! Hi Adam! I’m a huge fan from Spain, I follow u since “For your entertainment” and this year I attend the Wembley Arena QAL concert, which was AMAZING!!! Thanks for been you Adam! My question is: Have u heard about Chueca? (The center of the LGBT community in Madrid) you may check it out! Need to see u performing in Spain! 😉 Love.

  28. Katerina Korkutoska says:

    How does it feel finally promoting your new stuff?
    What is your favourite pair of boots you own?
    Have you ever been so drunk you were not able to even get home?
    What inspired you to take the scissors and cut a lot of your shirts and jackets?
    How is it like living in your own mansion by yourself?
    What is “These Boys” about?
    Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley vs. Freddie Mercury vs. Kurt Cobain?
    Are you happy with the success of “Ghost Town” so far?
    Is “Evil On The Night” based on a real experience of yours?
    How do you stay on a diet? I literally can’t do it for a day?
    Do you have abs?
    What do you like wearing at home?
    Last movie you saw at a cinema? Did you like it?
    Is there a movie in the making? Anything with acting?
    Anyone, dead or alive, who would you like to collaborate with?
    How long did it take for you to sign with Warner?

  29. SottoVoce says:

    What are his go-to songs for
    – a quiet, soothing moment
    – a sexy moment
    – dancing

  30. Lambertizeme says:

    Adam, do you ever get annoyed with interviewers that ask more questions about your love life than they do about your music?

  31. Pete says:

    He said in a previous interview:
    “I want this album to be personal, and I want my fans to relate to what I’m saying, even if it’s not their experience.”

    But what does he mean by that? I mean, I personally can’t relate to his lyrics, my life experiences are totally different than his. I still love his music, love his voice, love his singing. Maybe you can get him to expand a bit further on this.

    Thank you.

  32. Pete says:

    Adam often says that he’s 33 but hasn’t figured out life yet.

    Maybe he can explain this a bit. What is there for him to figure out? What is he waiting for?

  33. Lana says:

    Who would you have collaborated with on this album but didn’t get a chance to? If you go on tour would you sing songs from all three albums?

  34. FARANAK says:

    hiiii dear adam . what do u think ablut going too dubai for first time for original high tour …. plzzz going too here …. u have many moreee huge fans in here

  35. Pete says:

    I remember Adam was part of The Grammy’s social media panel a few years back. So what is his social media strategy? He obviously skips snapchat and vine (hee, understandably, I can’t figure those out either) and I think his management is handling his twitter account….but is there a strategy? Like for example, keeping in touch with fans versus just informational purposes. Or showing a more private side.

  36. Pete says:

    Somebody above asked for “no gay questions”. I wonder what’s Adam’s take on this. Because I think it’s great that “the gay” can be just a normal topic nowadays. Why NOT talk about it? For young people it’s awesome to see/read/hear that as a regular part of society.
    Adam is not ~just a singer but also an interesting celeb. Not every interview can be about the music. I mean, that’s what I think lol I wonder if Adam disagrees??

  37. Pete says:

    Out of these 3 clubs, which is the worst to find a mate for life:
    1. WeHo nightclub
    2. fitness club
    3. bookclub

  38. Kyle says:

    Adam, I commend you as one of your “life long” FANS for staying true to yourself and your musical goals. Kudo’s to you for making such a tough decision to part from RCA and then land a new record label with Warner. May your music always be successful and celebrated!

    My questions are:

    Can you explain what a typical day consists of while you are on tour or promoting your album with radio interviews, etc. to maintain your health and stamina? You always are stellar in your performances and articulate in interviews – how do you do it?

    The songs you have released to date from the Original High album you have said represent your own life. Another Lonely Night, Ghost Town and Underground — where these written from a personal relationship you had someone? if so, do you wish you were still in that relationship now?

  39. Zahra says:

    Hi the best singer worldwide… i love u so much..

    I wanted to ask you what’s ur definition of God????


  40. Juli says:

    1. How educated are you in the technical aspects of your voice?
    2. Are there things you have not done vocally that you’d like to explore more in the future?
    3. Floss then brush, or brush then floss?
    4. What is one question you wish interviewers would ask or subject you wish they’d touch on that they haven’t yet?
    5. What is one thing you make sure is ALWAYS in your fridge or pantry?

  41. Iwona says:

    1. What did you inspire to write ,Evil in the night ‘ ?
    2. You have visited Krakow this year during the tour with Queen-what did you like in the city the most ?
    3. How massive is Brian’s solo on ,Lucy’ song :D?
    4. Will we hear Tove Lo’s voice in ,Rumours’ song ?

  42. big glambert says:

    hey adam 🙂
    1.what is your plan for “The Original High” tour????
    is that happen on summer or not?????
    2.do you leave rock music for ever and want to keep on as an pop singer?
    3.How many music video you want to make for the “The Original High” album????
    and in the end God bless you in every where♥♥

  43. Pearl says:

    Does Adam have any rituals he does before going on stage to perform?

  44. nill says:

    Hi adam .will you sing rock again
    I miss real adam lambert but I love you any way and I know you’ll don’t answer me ….

  45. Kyle says:

    Please explain how did the track LUCY come about and Brian May playing on it as well? it must have been incredible creating this song. Can’t wait to hear it!

  46. Dimana says:

    Hi Adam! I wanted to ask you something. Can you come to Bulgaria, please? I am your huge huge fan!

  47. big glambert says:

    hey adam 🙂
    1.what is your plan for “The Original High” tour????
    is that happen on summer or not?????
    2.do you leave rock music for ever and want to keep on as an pop singer?
    3.How many music video you want to make for the “The Original High” album????
    and in the end God bless you in every where♥♥

  48. erfan says:

    hello mr adam how are you my firend?my question is…cr7 or messi?!!!!

    1. Mahdi Glambert says:


  49. ainaz says:

    Hey my idol 🙂
    I wanna ask you
    Do you like to come Iran?
    What do you think about this country?
    TnX Adam
    Love ya!

    1. sharon says:

      LOL he will never come to our country xD
      there are many iranian glambertzzz

  50. Pardis says:

    well I’m pretty sure that you won’t ask my Questions from him but I like to know :
    Adam have you ever been in a situation that you tell yoursel “oh I wanna end this job and be a normal person and have a normal life and a normal relationship”??
    and I like to know that do you have any idea about your persian Glamberts!?You have a lot of super fan in Iran…

    1. sharon says:

      yayyyy 😀 that’s right we are your fans from Iran

    2. Eli says:


  51. nill says:

    Adam you sould to know that when you changed yourself , you changed your fan …..be careful what you do , I know you to pretend you’re fine but you are not the sam….be yourself we real glambert love you the way you are.other people want to change you…..(don’t give damn if I go down down down)remember;-)

  52. sharon says:

    I wanna ask him 🙂 are you happy with this life?
    oh Gosh -___- I can’t say any thing to him 🙁 just
    please look at your life deeper and believe, that God is always with us ILY so much

  53. sharon says:

    the only things that never change are the changes
    Good changes are good

  54. Adam you are best singer in the world*i love you so much*i wanna ask you what is your feel about the ghost town???????

  55. sharon says:

    Do you love God?????????????????!!!!!!!

  56. Persian Glambert says:

    Dear Adam Hi Im persian glambert and I have 16 years old.I just wanna say thanks for everything.I have always loved u.You make me strong.Wish u the best my idol.

  57. sharon says:

    do you love to have a normal life?don’t you afraid of being alone forever? :O

  58. Anahita says:

    hi adam I love U so much
    Do you love me ??
    & Are u still gay ??
    Please just dont be ..
    Its break my heart
    I love u so much

    1. Sara says:

      *& Are u still gay ??*
      WTF is this question???

      1. Anahita says:

        I just wanna know his answer not your answer babe

  59. sharon says:

    Do you know any thing about your Iranian fans? Do you read their comments ?

    1. big glambert says:

      this is my question too

  60. queen of darkness says:

    Hi baby…
    I have no question to ask…
    But I have some thing to say…
    I know,that you will not see this comment…
    But I just want to say:
    I love you…
    You might think that Imma crazy girl…
    Maybe that’s truth…
    But I think it’s not…
    It’s just a love…
    Between us (glamberts) and you…
    We never seem to meet…
    But it’s OK…
    I have you by my side…
    You’re in my heart…
    forever and ever…
    -Your crazy glambert ◆♥

  61. :D says:

    we R you Glamranian we R your fans from Iran Do you know any thing about us????

  62. kobra jun says:

    LOL We R persian glamberts

  63. Eli says:

    Won’t you shave your beard????!!!!

  64. big glambert says:

    adam` iranian glamberts love you sooooo much♥♥
    do you lwant to say some thing to your iranian glamberts?

  65. big glambert says:

    do you know how many iranian glamberts you have????
    we are iranian glamberts and always love you our idol♥♥

  66. big glambert says:

    Adam answer us PLZ

  67. big glambert says:

    Do you love your iranian glamberts ?♥

  68. Eli says:

    Do you know your iranian glamberts?

  69. Pardis says:

    well Adam U have a loooooooot of Iranian glmaberts so pay more ettention to us!!!!
    we love U more than ANYTHING!!!!

  70. Meli glambert says:

    Hey Ad:) I wanted 2 ask, what do U usually do in your free time? LY..<3 🙂 #Iranianglambert

  71. sarvi says:

    Hi Adam.plz say somthing about your persian glambert!

  72. Pardis says:

    your Iranian glambert will always support you!!!
    love u forever…

  73. Meli glambert says:

    And one more question! Who is the best supporter in your life?
    (But I know u won’t read this…..:( )

  74. Eli says:

    Iranian glamberts LOVE you……

  75. ainaz says:

    Adam I wanna thank you for everything <3 your voice is like a drug for me and that's what make me feel alive =))
    Your the best <3
    wish the best for you my idol 😉

    1. ainaz says:

      And I’m a Persian glambert =)))

  76. MartaK says:

    If you could pick one song from your each album, to not to play EVER again, which songs would you pick?

  77. MartaK says:

    Are there some songs you are bored with playing? (Glamberts will never get bored of hearing them, tho).

  78. glamgirl811 says:

    1_What are you like when you’re drunk?
    2_What inspired you to write evil in the night?
    3_What superpower would you like to have?
    4_Have you ever slapped someone?
    5_are there any rock songs on the original high?

    I love u so much adam ❤❤❤

  79. Jennifer says:

    If you were to take a class in something, what would it be?

  80. Lilybop says:

    Adam, you’ve said sleep is important element of caring for your voice. Do you have any tricks that help you get to sleep quickly? Do you imagine something special, or hear a song inside your head? Are all the machines disconnected?

  81. My question to you,Adam is what do you eat for dinner,during the week?. I’m curious. I live way over on the east side of the states of Buffalo,N.Y. And I would love to cook for you some day!!!
    Let me know what you like to eat, and I will do that. Promise. i would like to give you my new address!! I’m on Twitter too! @cconley723

  82. Sogand says:

    Adam what do you think about iran?i hope one day you come iran.and dont forget that you have many glamberts here.love u

  83. stolen girl says:

    DO YOU LIKE “BDSM”??????!

  84. khatereh says:

    U have a good life.. but I think something is bothering u and make u sad.. what is that ?
    {Leave rhe pasts}

  85. yegan says:

    hey adam !I dont know what to say!!!
    i’m persian glambert
    i know that you will not see this comment
    can you come to iran?! I know it’s impossible!!!
    but I think I never can’t see you!
    if the day comes that you no longer will be the singer?
    if yes! why??!
    if you marry you leave your job???!?!
    hooo… I wanna thanks for everything! ^~^
    your voice ….your eyes !
    luv ya ! <3
    if you can please Answer ! ; )

  86. nill says:

    Hi adam wich one of your songs you like ,more???
    Underground,evil the night,ghost town…
    Iranian glamberts more love you then other glambert ….Lol

  87. mani says:

    Hi Adam I wrote a long story about you:)
    I think you are so kind and you’ve a big heart but peopls can’t see you’r heart, they can’t understand you…..
    I hope you’ll see good person and that will can makes you happy (kiss)

  88. mandana says:

    Hi Adam i belive in you .every song that you’ll realize i’m sure it’s great , you’r songs is so amazing but when you’ll sing rock?? I wanna rock
    If your next song will be rock (impossible)we glamberts to die Lol

  89. if i had you says:

    Adam? Why you did share underground in that party!???i’m wonder!!! If we are important for you even a little, tell us???waiting for you’r replay .good luck

  90. Just a fan says:

    The tats on your left arm are geometrical while the ones on your right are kind of earthy. What was your thinking behind designing them that way?

    You’ve said you’ll tour if people like the album! If you were to co-headline a tour this year, what artists would you like to go on the road with?

    What do you think is your biggest obstacle in the music industry to getting greater success than you’ve had? Trespassing seemed like a really good pop album and I’m disappointed it didn’t do as well commercially as it could have despite reaching #1 in the US.

  91. if Ihad you says:

    Soory I mean original high

  92. if I had you says:

    Hi why did yiu share original high on that personal party!??????i sould to know !? it makes me so sad

  93. nilOo says:

    Do you hear to your songs???!!!Lol

  94. nilOo says:

    Would you like black color liner still???or blue’black hair??? I like you

  95. nilOo says:

    Your voice makes me exciting ,when I’m sad or happy I listen to your songs….but tell me whats your feel about if I had you!??i realy love that….it is fun and amazin<3

  96. N@Bglambert says:

    Adam I love you very much!you are my life!you are in my heart!what is your comment about the original high???

  97. nill says:

    Would you like reading book!??
    When are you sad what you do??
    If a glmbert wants your phone numbert and wants be your friend what you do!???
    do you like freakish people??
    are you bagpipe or taciturn???
    (wich one of this question that you like, you can answer me)

  98. smile of adam says:

    Hi. My love for you is eternal ….
    Would you like black eyes ????
    Are you a fan??or were you a fan like us!???for who??!!

  99. I wanna touch your hrart says:

    You are not the same adam?yes?
    You just are not a singer you are a pattern for me,every teenage have pattern so you are my pattern , be like a good pattern for us .i love you 🙂

  100. when I heard your voice..... says:

    Would you like to have a pretty and little daugher?or you only like son and boys!????:-P

  101. when I heard your voice..... says:

    What do you think about your fans !?do you think thay are annoying !?you don’t care what we want !??:-(

  102. Elsa says:

    is he a smiler? (Miley’s fan)
    what does he think about his persian glamberts?
    what he wants to do after chasing the original high??
    what is his fav song in his new album??
    can we meet him in Asia again?? Like dubai?? Or turkey??

  103. ssssss says:

    Do you like iranian fans?
    it’s a big question for me because I think people of around world have a bad imagine of iranians and when I love a celebrity I ask it from myself”are they love me?”I’m sorry for my trouble English. Love you adam

  104. Wong says:

    How many songs actually did u guys produce before the 14 songs were selected for the album? 😀

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