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What Happens in Las Vegas? Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

Ah, Las Vegas… or as you may know it: Sin City or “Lost Wages,” in the famous Steely Dan song. It’s one of those places that people either love or hate. As for me, I love it.

Well, I’ve been there more than two dozen times over the decades, and I have to say that it’s one place that certainly lives up to its reputation. You can live out your fantasies, indulge your vices, or navigate safely somewhere in between. In order to get the love from Vegas, you have to give a little as well.

In other words, one has to know how to do Vegas the right way. Here are a few tips: For one, stay in the strip area at the fanciest hotel you can afford, and remember that if you’re not a party boy, you might want to avoid the party hotels – and there’s abundant information on the internet about which is which.

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Another is to not overstay your welcome. You’re on vacation, not making a Hollywood movie about turning your life up to 11. You can do what needs doing in Vegas in less than four days. Any more and you’re likely to bring home more than pleasant memories.

Another tip is that unless you’re a lizard, don’t go in summer, because temperatures rise to 110 degrees or more during the hotter months. Keep in mind that Vegas is much more than casinos, too. Remember there are also some of the most amazing spas in the world right here. By all means, see several shows, and there are always a variety of the best entertainment and superstars set in plush surroundings.

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And your sensory overload is not limited to either the bright lights or the high-profile performers. There are always new restaurants featuring famous chefs you usually only see on TV. You’ll also want to devote a bit of time to see Red Rock Canyon just 30 minutes away; that’s nature at its finest.

Finally, remember to pace yourself. There are pools and pretty people to watch while you sunbathe and relax. Take all in, don’t do more than you think you can and you’re sure to go home a winner, no matter what you take home from the slots, the roulette wheel or the blackjack table.

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