What You Need To Start a Home Decorating Business

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Home decorating helps people turn their houses into unique spaces they can use and love. Sometimes people have unused parts of their homes because they simply don’t know what to do with them. The decorating feels disconnected which creates feelings of discontent in some ways. Sometimes, all they need is a good home decorator who can come and turn these spaces into a cohesive look that they’ll love. While you might think it’s as simple as creating a few business cards and taking a few pictures of some spaces you decorated in your own home, starting a home decorating business takes a few more steps than that.

Business License

You might need a business license to operate a home decorating business in your state. It’s important to check with the area you plan to do business in to ensure you have everything in place before you start taking on new clients. The last thing you want is to be stopped at the starting gate because you missed a vital, but easily overlooked process.

Register Your Business Name With the State You’ll Do Business In

Registering your business name ensures that no one else in your state can use the exact same name. This helps protect you and your brand in the long run. Plus, you need it to be legal in many states. Part of this process requires you to choose if you want to be a sole proprietor operating under an assumed name, an LLC, or some kind of corporate structure. Many first-time businesses choose an LLC because they tend to be simpler to set up and they help shield people from individual liability.

Open Business Bank Accounts

You’ll need a few things to get a business bank account up and running. You’ll first want to apply for an EIN. You can use this in lieu of your social security number to do business. The only time you will use the social security number is if you create a sole proprietorship kind of business. An EIN is easy to get, and you’ll want to make sure you print out the documentation to keep in your records. You’ll also need your business license and any documentation about your business registration in your state. Also, bring money with you to open the account. There are many business banking options. You can choose something local to you or pick an online-only banking solution.

Get Liability Insurance

Going into people’s homes and painting, updating fixtures, and even doing some construction projects along with your home decorating business means that you’ll need something to shield you and your business from liability. Don’t skimp on the insurance. While you’re turning houses from drab to fab, you’ll want to make sure nothing hinders your business. If a homeowner is injured in the workspace while you’re there, you might be liable for their injuries. Liability insurance helps protect you.

Learn To Take Amazing Pictures

Working in the home decorating industry means you either need to get good at taking pictures, or you need to hire someone to do it for you. You’ll need to work alongside professionals who can ensure you get the best lighting for your designs. Pictures will help you document your home decorating journey as well as give you samples to show future clients. People always want to see what you can do. Also, take excellent before pictures. Part of the excitement around seeing a beautiful room is to see how it transformed.

Get on Social Media

You don’t need to be on all the platforms, but Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok continue to be places where home decorators shine. Show off your work, your progress, and even the big reveal. You can connect with potential clients by getting on social media. Make sure your name will work easily and that you use a consistent name across all platforms. This will help people find you more easily and create a continuity that is essential for your brand.

Start a Blog

Another great way to connect with clients is through blogging. A well-optimized blog will bring you the right customers at the right time. Leverage the blog to showcase your business, funnel potential clients, and gather contact information. You can even use your blog to help people with other aspects of owning a home, including sharing simple household hacks. No matter what you choose to do, make it strategic so it can help you grow your business.

Last modified: May 11, 2022