Where Are We?

Anyone with eyes can tell you it’s a good time for LGBT representation on TV. The 2014–2015 season has welcomed exciting new additions such as How To Get Away with Murder’s scheming gay law student Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee, pictured) and Transparent’s mature trans woman Maura (played by Emmy nominee Jeffrey Tambor). That’s in addition to buzzy new and returning gay-positive series Looking and Orange Is the New Black.

Now, thanks to GLAAD, we’ve got the official numbers to to back up this good news, courtesy of their “Network Responsibility Index” and “Where We Are on TV” report. For the first time, three networks (ABC Family, HBO and MTV) have been rated excellent in one year. GLAAD also counted 32 regular and 33 recurring LGBT characters on prime-time broadcast programming. Prime-time cable series did even better with 64 regular and 41 recurring characters who are of our community. You can learn even more details by visiting glaad.org.

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