Who Are Hotter – Firefighters or Construction Workers?

Written by | The Lens

A mighty debate rages through the LGBTQ’mmunity. No, we’re not referring to the topic of assimilation vs. representation; we’re talking firemen vs. construction workers! Before we survey the flames of speculation, let’s focus on one sexy subset at a time. (The threesome comes later.)

Firefighters have ignited our collective passions for centuries, gracing calendars and fantasies galore. We shall refrain from making cheap jokes about their pulsing hoses extinguishing our burning loins. See how restrained we are?

But honestly, there is just something about the heroism of frontline workers rushing into the embers of calamity to save the gay. Oops, we mean “save the day” (no we don’t). Men in uniform have always commanded a special place in our libido, especially when that uniform features suspenders that slide seductively over their bulging shoulders.

Bonus: firemen have a tendency to pose with puppies. Adorbsies overload!

Gosh bless the editorial wizards who compiled the following collection of steamy imagery for our (repeated) viewing.

But wait! We can’t tear down our rival category of hotties just yet.

They drill, they screw, they nail, and sometimes, they lay pipe. The sexual innuendos associated with construction workers are so plentiful, you can pile them up to erect a towering high-rise. See, there’s another one!

According to our exhaustive research on Instagram, there are far fewer pics of #HotConstructionWorkers than there are shrines to #HotFiremen. Maybe that’s because one is more cumbersome to type and your hands are too busy with other endeavors.

But quantity does not equal quality. Mr. Right may not conform to social media metrics or flashy trends; he simply gives us wood and hammers our foundation to build a love shack.

Once again, we must step back from the brink of construction to take a look at the bigger picture. The same angels who provided us the above montage of firemen have bestowed the following ode to hardhats.

So, which blue collars get you hot under YOUR collar? Be sure to keep the conversation going on our social media feeds and share some fave photos of your own.

Oh no, we forgot about hunky farmers. Haaayyyy!


Last modified: February 16, 2021