Who Were Your Favorite Top Chef Judges?

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It’s a tough call, we know. Week after week, month after month and season after season, you sit watching food be made, smelled, tasted without ever knowing how the actual flavors would wash over your own palate. Of course you have to rely on the judges’ opinions. But who do you really trust?

Photo courtesy Tommy Garcia/Bravo.

Photo courtesy Tommy Garcia/Bravo.

In honor of the latest season of Top Chef, which pitted new contestants against returning challengers, we’re asking which recurring Top Chef judge you considered the most indispensable:

  1. Lusty Padma Lakshmi
  2. Crafty Tom Colicchio
  3. Sassy Gail Simmons
  4. Newcomer Graham Elliott
  5. Queer Eye guy Ted Allen
  6. Alum Richard Blais
  7. Master Hugh Acheson
  8. BAM! — Emeril Legasse

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Last modified: August 22, 2017

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Who Were Your Favorite Top Chef Judges?

  1. Pierre Claudén says:

    The best Top Chef judge was Philippe Etchebest. Just remove the E and the C in his surname if you want proof. He’s like Tom Colicchio without the bad restaurants. But since your focus is the American Top Chef, it’s Padma all the way.

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