Here’s Why… and How U=U Means HIV is No Longer a Death Sentence

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ABC correspondent Karl Schmid

ABC-TV correspondent Karl Schmid continues to break down walls when it comes to the fight against HIV stigma.

Last year, Schmid blew up the internet and landed on the cover of Metrosource after announcing on social media that he has been HIV-positive for the last decade. In the time since, Schmid has become a tireless spokesman for the U=U campaign, and is now releasing a new video on the topic just in time for Stonewall 50 and WorldPride.

Schmid’s message will be included in ABC’s LA Pride coverage. In addition to the U=U campaign, it deals with HIV stigma and the new AIDS monument under construction in LA.

Schmid’s Crusade

The video, Stories: The AIDS Monument, aired Saturday June 8th as part of ABC7 Los Angeles’ LA Pride weekend coverage. For the first time in LA Pride’s 49 year history, the parade was broadcast live to area audiences and streamed nationwide. Stories includes Schmid’s interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID as well as Dr. Jay Gladstein of APLA Health.

Both experts confirm the U=U messaging Schmid has been so vocal about: “To have both doctors say outright that it is impossible to sexually transmit the HIV virus if you are healthy and undetectable, and for ABC to broadcast this message is a huge step in getting the word out”, says Schmid.

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What U=U Means

“Additionally, to hear Dr Gladstein say publicly that HIV is easier to manage than diabetes, I hope resonates with our audiences and helps to chip away at that dangerous and unnecessary wall of stigma that myself and those living with HIV face on a daily basis. As Tony Fauci says in the piece, we now have the tools to end the epidemic”.

Since Schmid disclosed his HIV status publicly last year he has gone on to be recognized by OUT Magazine’s OUT 100 and most recently was named by LA Magazine as on of “100-plus LGBTQ Icons and Iconoclasts who are shaping culture in LA and beyond”. Schmid continues to use his television platform to raise awareness of HIV and to fight HIV stigma. He will be in NYC next week to provide coverage of WorldPride for ABC.

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Last modified: October 11, 2019