Why are These Rugby Players Refusing to Wear Their Pride Jersey

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Do homophobes even understand basic science?

Silly us – of course they don’t. Well, let’s break it down for them, shall we?

Without the spectrum of visible light, humans couldn’t see. To put that in terms that bigots will understand: you won’t be able to assess your chewing tobacco before shoving it your stupid mouths.

See, the rainbow represents every wavelength of color that comprises illumination. Together, they light up our lives! That’s what the Pride flag is about: unity, community, camaraderie. It doesn’t mean you have to engage in man-on-man shenanigans (sheMANigans), but that certainly is a bonus benefit of being gay.

Well, a handful of hatemongers in Australia are refusing to wear jerseys decked out with rainbow piping. The Manly Sea Eagles decided to don the Pride flourishes in a match against the Sydney Roosters, but seven players preferred to sit on the sidelines and pout.

“Our intent was to be caring towards all diverse groups who face inclusion issues daily,” explained coach Des Hasler.

But the wardrobe change rubbed a few dumdums the wrong way and their little feelings got hurt!

“Sadly this poor management has caused significant confusion, discomfort and pain for many people, in particular those groups whose human rights we [are] in fact attempting to support. We wish to apologize to the LGBTQ community who embrace the rainbow colors, who use these colors for pride and advocacy and human rights issues.”

But some people simply can’t see how equality affects us all. Homophobes want to set themselves apart, above, and away from a society that respects queer culture. In other words, they consider themselves over the rainbow.

And they just came crashing back down to earth.

“The players will not play on Thursday and we accept their decision,” narrates Hasler. “As a club, we will wear the jersey on Thursday night.”

Put more succinctly: Bye, Felicia!

No matter who wins the needlessly controversial and hotly contested match between Sydney and Manly, we will always root for love… and sweaty thighs wrapped in rainbow realness.

Photo: seaeagles.com.au

Last modified: July 27, 2022