Why Is Sam Smith's New Record Old?

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True enough, there’s new music coming from male chanteuse Sam Smith. While the public has never heard Diva Boy, Smith himself may barely remember the album. He recorded it when he was 16.

Young Sam Smith

A British indie label called Flipbook Music takes credit for providing Smith with many of his “first” opportunities – including his first album, his first live performances, and his first series of interviews. No word from Smith about whether he thinks the music is something the world should really hear, but having watched Amy Winehouse’s very small assortment of unreleased tracks pushed out posthumously for profit, clearly Flipbook wants to recoup its investment in the pubescent popstar. They even have a first single out, complete with a video called “Momentarily Mine.” Have a look:

If that wasn’t enough, someone at Flipbook had the foresight to video record Smith’s baby steps as an entertainer, and those too will soon be available in a documentary titled Sam Smith: The Lost Years. Really? He was a teenager. Those years are lost to us all, except in yearbook reminiscences, underage keg parties and random fumblings in the back seats of cars.

Last modified: January 17, 2018