Will “Will & Grace” Recapture Their Sitcom Magic?

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Will & Grace

While trying only to be funny, Will & Grace moved the needle for the way America looked at gay life and culture. Now, a decade after signing off, the sitcom returns to NBC with 16 new episodes beginning September 28. Though there has been some debate about plans to ignore key plot elements from the series finalé, the response to their return was so positive that — even before it aired — the series was renewed for another revival season. Stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally will reprise their roles and TV legend James Burrows (who helmed every episode of the original series) will return to direct. The revival was precipitated when the gang reunited during the 2016 presidential election to create the wildly popular “Vote Honey” election spot, a mini-episode that featured the cast discussing the 2016 election — positioning Karen as a Trump fanatic. nbc.com

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Last modified: September 3, 2019