Wonder Woman O.G. Unveils “Human and Divine” Remix

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LGBTQ Ally Lynda Carter teams up with Music Producer Extraordinaire Dave Aude to Deliver an uplifting anthem about the power of love!

Okay, someone pinch me. I just got off a Zoom chat with Wonder Woman. No not Gal Gadot. I’m talking about the original article. Miss Lynda Carter herself. Twitter’s very own Slayer of Homophobes. First things first: Ms. Carter looked friggin’ uh-MAY-zing, exclamation point, dressed in a sky blue Tom Ford power suit fully accessorized with an impeccably coiffed mane of brunette hair as if she’d stepped right out of a L’Oreal commercial.

Wonder Woman took time out of her busy schedule to chat with moi about her song “Human & Divine” which she wrote and produced at the beginning of the pandemic. The original version has a definite Bond-esque vibe. The song has since been transformed into an amped-up anthem worthy of a superhero. The man behind the remix is none other than music producer superstar Dave Aude, the prodigiously talented producer who’s worked with everyone from Madonna and Donna Summer to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Tell me about the genesis of the song. What inspired you?

When I first started, the song was about my husband and how I could define love. And then we were flying over to do the cameo in “Wonder Woman 1984” and I started thinking about Steve and Diana. So it sort of morphed into more of a universal theme, which I think is what good music is about. When it morphs into a theme that we can all connect to – when you discover that it’s the same way that everyone else feels.

And how did the idea for a remix come into play?

I’ve been asked to do a dance mix or a re-mix of some of my music for a while, but it was never the right marriage. And then Dave Aude came into the picture through my manager and my producer. We met and he really liked the song that I’d written called “Human and Divine.” And I turned it over to him and I thought, you know, life is like a tightrope. If you believe in yourself and you believe in taking chances, you go out there and you walk the tightrope. So for me, at this particular time in my life, it was a little like that. Let’s go to the tallest rollercoaster and take off. So we did that and it turned out just beautifully. I thought that it was loads and loads of fun. Surprising as all get-out from where it began while staying true to its original form and intent.

Dave Aude. Photo courtesy of GEDmag.com.

Lynda went on to talk about the special alchemy that Dave Aude brought to the remix.

That’s what took a lot of talent and finesse. The ability to take a song like “Human and Divine” which was already an upbeat song, but lyrically it says a lot. To take that and turn it into something that is irrepressibly fun, irrepressibly danceable, irrepressibly feel-good as well as that it has a message in it. The magic he put into it just made me feel sort of giggly.

How much time elapsed between the time you completed your original version and the time your team suggested sending it to Dave Aude and see what he could do with it?

It was probably about a year. I did this song at the beginning of COVID. We did it remotely, so each instrument on Dave’s remix was in the original version. This is a first step into a whole new arena of fun for me.

Do you see yourself potentially performing it live?

You never know. It’s the kind of song that would be a lot of fun to do live. And do it in front of a big audience and all just be dancing around. But I have to wait and see. COVID’s not over yet. So I’m kind of waiting till I feel that it’s safe.

Can you talk a little about this song’s relevance to the LGBTQ community?

Sure. I think the relevance to the LGBTQ community for “Human and Divine” is that love is human and divine. That’s the message behind it. And when love hits you, you can’t deny it, you can’t go around it. You have to go through it, you have to be a part of it. Love chooses you, you don’t really choose it. I think love and forgiveness are intertwined. Because of the human side of us, we are extremely flawed. And we can do things that perhaps, even inadvertently, hurt one another. And when we can forgive, that’s part of loving. Really truly putting something aside and letting go.

Before I let you go, I just wanted to say how much we appreciate your advocacy for the LGBTQ community. What does that feel like, becoming such an ally and having this platform that you’ve shared with all of us?

It’s fabulous! It’s more that this community embraced me. It really is on the reverse. Because yes, I embraced you but I am still on the outside. And the fact that you embraced me and you embraced the character that I played and you allow me into that sphere is what I think is fabulous. So that’s really where my heart is.

It’s means so much in this climate that we’re in where our rights and our visibility are under attack, to have people like yourself from the so-called “outside” step in and pick up that mantel is really powerful.

Well in many ways, it shouldn’t matter at all. And I know that the younger generation knows this. Their attitude is, I don’t know what you guys make such a big deal about any of it for. Let people be. And that’s still the same old fight, so…fight on!

As if to put a button on our conversation, Lynda clapped back at yet another ignorant Tweet from Lauren “AR-15 spokesmodel” Boebert the very day of our interview with an epic smackdown when Boebert suggested people take their children to church instead of drag bars. To which Carter’s response was: “Have you ever been to drag brunch? They have bread, wine, loving community, and men in fabulous dresses. Sounds a little like church to me.”

And that’s how a superhero does it.

Last modified: July 1, 2022