Woof Your Way into the New Year with Hunks for Hounds (and Cats!)

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We love our furry playmates. The way they wiggle their tails and nuzzle our crotches – just adorbsies!

Also: pets.

So, what could be better than combining manly men and their four-legged friends? Rhetorical question alert! Hunks for Hounds is your must-have 2023 calendar, featuring Philadelphia studs and the animals who love them.

All proceeds benefit Philadoptables, a nonprofit organization that provides food, medical funds, and other essential resources to rescues in the metropolitan area. This year’s philanthropic focus is felines; there are an estimated 400,000 strays roaming the streets of Philadelphia, and all of them want to cuddle up with Gustavo Ugarte.

“I almost had a heart attack when I opened the calendar and I saw I made the cover,” Ugarte beams to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Oh my God!”

Oh my dog, indeed. The cover cutie crafts couture for fuzzy fashionistas. In other words: he makes fancy pet clothes. His brand is called Wow Wow Ugarte, and it’s a bow-wow beauty of a line!

Hunks for Hounds 2023 boasts a menu of masculinity, showcasing several policemen who are criminally hot, on and off the beat.

“My motorcycle club teased the hell out of me,” Officer Blaise Lacca quipped. “They said they’re going to print it and make my picture into place mats.”

Slurp, slurp – we’re already drooling!

Fellow cop Dylan Royce is one of our personal faves, sporting a strong jaw, rippling sensuality and pecs we’d like to lovingly lick.

Grrr, supreme!

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, supporting Philadoptables makes you a good person. Worthy cause + woofy paws = yappy new year!

Photo: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Gustavo.ugarte.40

Last modified: November 15, 2022