You're Killing Me: Comedy With… An Edge.

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If you’ve ever meet a gay guy so shallow and self-obsessed that it made you want to kill him, this is the film for you.


Photo by Andy Hurvitz

When George’s new boyfriend Joe (pictured) starts confessing to murders, George mistakes it for humor (which is pretty funny — especially when it turns out to be true). As the outwardly serene Joe continues to discover new depths of sensation from stabbing his least likeable acquaintances, George does begins to notice some of his friends have gone missing — but maybe they’re just not returning his texts? THE WORD: The plot holds few surprises but does feature delightful appearances by Facts of Life alum Mindy Cohn and internet phenomenons such as Drew Droege and Bryan Safi. COMING TO: Home Video

Last modified: January 17, 2018