America’s Top Five Financial Advisors— Which Guru is Right for You?

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Who should members of the LGBTQ community trust when it comes to the ever-expanding world of popular finance experts?

Which financial guru will provide the best financial advice for you? In order to answer the question, you ought to start by asking yourself: what are your financial goals? Are you trying to build personal wealth, budget your money more effectively, buy a home, or start a business? To find a source of wisdom that matches your needs, let’s look at five figures who’ve become renowned for delivering their personal brands of advice.

David Bach

David Bach has a personal finance philosophy which incorporates living green in conjunction with building personal wealth. He is a finance author who’s written ten consecutive best-selling books. In addition to making several appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Bach’s book, The Automatic Millionaire, remained on the bestseller list for 31 consecutive weeks. To his credit, Bach is not only passionate about teaching the intricacies of personal finance, he’s also involved in numerous charitable organizations. You might turn to Bach if you’re looking to learn fast and simple money management strategies, like the ones he teaches in his popular series, FinishRich®.

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran is most widely known for being a television personality on the ABC series Shark Tank. This American businesswoman is an author, columnist, consultant, investor and speaker. She is considered one of the most powerful real estate brokers in the country and operates one of New York’s most prestigious real estate companies, The Corcoran Group. Her most recent book, Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business, discusses her strategic approach to starting a business. Corcoran’s personal finance advice includes overcoming obstacles (she was once a dyslexic student who could barely pass her courses), and not listening to the negative people in your life. You might look to her if you want to emulate her in overcoming the odds in the business world.

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is known for her flamboyant, take-charge personality when it comes to providing financial advice: she does not pull any punches and gets right down to business. She too is a best-selling author and also a television host with two Emmy Awards to her credit and is one of the top motivational speakers in her field. In addition to penning seven financial guides, she’s also produced six PBS specials. For a period of ten years, Orman directed The Suze Orman Financial Group, having spent four years prior to that as the Vice President of Prudential-Bache Securities. Orman’s personal finance philosophy takes a hard look at what consumers are doing wrong with their finances. With no-nonsense directness, she doesn’t believe in excuses for a poor financial situation. She compels consumers to understand the difference between what they want and what they need, helping them to cut the fat out of their finances. If you find yourself falling back on old excuses for financial failure, she may be just the guru for you.

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Dave Ramsey

In addition to being heard on his syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show in over 450 countries, Ramsey is the acclaimed author of Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace. Viewers can also tune into The Dave Ramsey Show Primetime on the Fox Business Network. Between these various efforts, more than four million people benefit from Ramsey’s financial advice, and he might be the right help for you if you find yourself facing financial obstacles that seem insurmountable since Ramsey’s “baby steps” approach to financial freedom guides consumers from living paycheck-to-paycheck to living debt-free. His hard-nosed approach toward developing better financial outcomes is eagerly sought by those who struggle with remaining financially disciplined. He guides consumers through the process gradually, keeping his advice results-oriented.

Ali Velshi

Ali Velshi is best known for his work on CNN, including anchoring CNN International’s World Business Today, serving as CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent, and hosting Your Monday during the weekly business roundtable. Velshi holds true to his belief that the world’s universal language is m-o-n-e-y. He coauthored a manual entitled How to Speak Money: The Language & Knowledge You Need Now with CNN anchor Christie Romans, which outlines how to build wealth, implement successful budget strategies and understand the economy. In addition, Velshi has authored Gimme My Money Back: Your Guide to Beating the Financial Crisis, and he serves as a columnist for Delta Sky magazine and Money magazine. Velshi’s journalism background helps him present financial advice in a way that’s reputable and easy to grasp. Velshi’s advice may be best suited to those interested in the big picture, as his personal philosophy revolves around knowledge of the nation’s economy and understanding the power held by financial institutions over consumers.

The Bottom Line

There are many personal finance experts from whom you can learn. Knowing whether your goals start with getting out from under a mountain of debt or taking risks to build wealth will help you know who you should be reading, watching and following about your finances. 

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Last modified: February 5, 2019