Visiting Denmark? This Beautiful City Is Just a Bridge Away

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It’s weird to say, but if you’re ever in Copenhagen, Denmark, try to take time to cross the Öresund Bridge to visit Mälmo, Sweden. The two countries are joined together by a bridge and you can take a train, bus or drive there using the bridge.

Molmo Sweden

Until a couple of decades ago, crossing the water between Copenhagen and Malmö always involved a flight or ferry ride. That all changed in 2000 with the opening of the vast Öresund Bridge, or as locals call it, simply as “the Bridge.”

Molmo Sweden

Thanks to this architectural wonder, the bridge has drastically cut travel times between Sweden and Denmark, making it possible to hop from one country to another as like you would from Manhattan to Hoboken. It’s that simple. In fact, locals commute between the two countries as an everyday occurance these days. So what’s to see in Malmo? Quite a lot actually … it is a small, friendly city but offers a variety of cultural attractions – like the Moderna Museet Malmö. The shopping can be fun as well, since the Swedes are known for their design prowess and you can buy hip accessories, fashion labels, and home accessories you won’t find anywhere else.

Molmo Sweden

There are small lakes, and wonderful chateaus that have been turned into hotels a few kilometers away from the city center, that is also quite romantic. You can stay overnight, or just be a day tripper. It may be a mere 30 kilometers away, but it is a world apart in Malmo.

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Last modified: October 21, 2019