“Dudes with Dogs”: Fetching, Catching and Adorable Times With Man’s Best Friend

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dude with dog

Looking to add a bit of sexy to your social media scroll? Follow Dudes With Dogs, which offers up exactly what its name implies— and more. See a diverse selection of men doing everything from playing on the beach to catching some Zzzs with their furry friends. Fans of squishy faces, rejoice: Frenchies and pugs make frequent appearances. Fans of hot guys like Scott Cruz (pictured, follow him on Insta @thescottcruz) will be pleased as well. On top of photos of many good boys (both human and canine), Dudes With Dogs offers its followers a real sense of community: As a leading LGBTQ-inclusive space for pet parents, their pages are a great way to meet other “dog dads” who know what it’s like raising a furbaby.

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When pet rearing guides and blogs aren’t enough to help you get into the swing of caring for your four-legged friend, connecting with these hunky dog dudes can provide much-needed human advice. You can catch cute photos and stories from around the world both on Instagram (instagram.com/dudeswithdogs) and  feel the camaraderie and support of dog lovers like you in their Facebook community (facebook.com/groups/dudeswithdogs).

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Last modified: February 4, 2019