“Girl with Basket of Fruit” is the Latest Release from Xiu Xiu

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Xiu Xiu in photo with man

Xiu Xiu
Girl with Basket of Fruit (Polyvinyl Records)

Eccentric, unnerving and downright magical, Xiu Xiu’s latest release is another gem in their catalog. Fronted by queer prodigy Jamie Stewart (who also goes by Butch Jenny), Xiu Xiu’s experimentalism reaches new heights on their 11th full-length studio album.

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A response to the political chaos we’ve all witnessed in recent years, Girl with Basket of Fruit tackles tension, agitation, sorrow and anger. Then it transforms all those heavy emotions into something radical and transcendent. The surreal video for the album’s lead single, “Scissssssssors” is equal parts ‘80s horror film and metaphysical mind mangle — leaving viewers in head-scratching wonderment.

You truly have to see it to believe it. Elsewhere, tracks including “Ice Cream Truck” and “It Comes Out As a Joke” are harrowing, brazen and otherworldly. For those looking for something slightly more accessible, venture outside of the Basket and seek out their outstanding cover of ZZ Top’s 1983 classic rock hit, “Sharp Dressed Man.”

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Last modified: March 19, 2019