Hello, Fairy God-Daddy: Channing Tatum Turns the Page

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Folklore often depicts fairies as visions of moonbeams and stardust. Some tales explore the mythical creatures’ ability to summon the wonders of the natural world, drawing them in earthen shades of green and brown.

But we prefer our fairies buff, shirtless, and… well, Channing Tatum-y. Check out those delicious wings!

So, why is Hollywood’s hottest hunk flittering through our fantasies on gossamer pink appendages? Tatum is channeling his inner princess to promote a new children’s book, The One and Only Sparkella. On the surface, the story is a sweet gift from Channing to his real-life daughter, Everly. He wrote it to teach her that being yourself means sparkling so brightly that you may initially startle others, but you should never diminish your inner glow.

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Unicorns do exist.

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Tatum’s book is an empowering celebration for little girls everywhere. In the opening dedication to his own daughter, daddy Channing writes, “To Everly, the most brilliant magical being that I have ever known.” Adding even more pitter-pat to our already racing hearts, Tatum continues, “You are my greatest teacher.”

But the real lesson is for Channing’s fellow fathers. “This is also for all Dads that might have a little girl,” writes Tatum. “Wear whatever, dance however, and be as magical as you can. Because I promise they will return the love.”

Damn, Magic Mike is making us cry over here. Too many feels! Time to quench them with a good ol’ fashioned thirst trap.

Ah, that’s the stuff. In addition to giving us crave-worthy content like the pic above, Channing has always been a firm ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Exhibit Gay: he made a cameo at LA Pride, trotting along to the Ginuwine hit Pony while sporting a rainbow bandana. Now, that’s what we call a pot o’ gold.

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Which brings us back to the latest glittery incarnation of Channing Tatum. Sadly enough, he is still straight, but his foray into fairytale land connects with the queer experience on a meaningful new level. “I ended up finding my inner child,” Tatum posts on Instagram. “So this is what I created for my little girl. From what is, I guess, the little girl in me.”

We have eagerly devoured Channing’s masculine wiles in the past, but now we are falling in love with his feminine side. Read us a bedtime story, you beefy mamabear. Good night, indeed.

Last modified: September 5, 2020