How Many More Sex Partners Do Gay Men Have Than Their Straight Counterparts?

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Gay men are widely reputed to have many more sex partners than straight men. How many more? Well, at least half the evidence is in.

According to insights and data gleaned from a recent survey conducted by Nectar Sleep, most American heterosexual men ages 30 and below admit to having an average of 26 sex partners before “settling down.” Presumably, that means into heterosexual and monogamous relationships or marriages.

Some gay men would consider that a slow month on the apps.

It’ll be no surprise that their female counterparts are even more circumspect with their sex partners, as women surveyed throughout the country admit to having fewer than 20 partners before committing to one.

This of course flies in the face of what gay men and lesbians know to be familiar. There’s an old barroom joke to reference here:

Q: What does a lesbian bring to a second date?

A: A moving van

And it’s lesser-known companion joke:

Q: What does a gay man bring to a second date?

A: What second date?

The survey goes on to provide the “Top 5 Things Users Do to Cleanse” their single days once they decide to enter into long-term relationships — meaning to scrub away incriminating evidence or unwanted memories of past love affairs and trysts.

And if this sounds like a Family Feud question to you, don’t worry. It did here at the office as well

Drum roll, please: Show me . . .

Underwear Drawer: Whether it’s getting rid of old lingerie from previous partners or just buying new boxers for a fresh start to their new relationship, 83% of people surveyed said that their underwear drawer is among the first things sanitized.

Phone Contacts: 76% of respondents shared that when entering a committed relationship, they go through phone contacts to delete old flames.

Ye Olde Mattress: When committing and when moving in together, 74% of respondents replace their old mattress with a new one, and most new mattresses are purchased online through bed-in-a-box companies like Nectar Sleep or others.

Ahem, “Vintage” Photos: 63% of respondents go through photos on their cell phones, computers and social media channels to delete photos with previous partners or friends with benefits.

And lastly, Closets: 59% of respondents shared that they do a “fall refresh” to their wardrobes when starting a committed relationship to get rid of previous partners’ favorite sweaters or t-shirts.

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Last modified: December 13, 2019