Muscles in Motion: The Photography of Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Written by | Gay Voices, The Lens

The human body is an adult playground. Every sinewy protrusion invites you to climb aboard and explore new vistas, culminating in the joyful liberation of both the subject and the viewer.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez captures the kinetic fortitude of his models, depicting them in various shades of elation and exertion. The accomplished photographer’s portfolio elevates the medium like a ballerina flittering to new heights. How appropriate, considering how Rodriguez trained as a dancer, graduating from Julliard before touring some of the world’s most prestigious stages.

While his performances flexed Rodriguez’s muscles, the burgeoning shutterbug was also giving his eyes a workout. By observing the human form in its most ambitious poses, Rodriguez was honing his lens and depicting sensuality in evocative new ways.

His creativity quickly flourished, encapsulating fashion and fine art in a seamless marriage of passion unleashed, yet refined.

Rodriguez began shooting magazine covers and clothing campaigns, but his gritty perspective kept gravitating back to ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats. He took his curiosity to Ireland for a project entitled People of the Mud. In his photo essay, Rodriguez explores the connection between humanity and the harvest, depicting individuals as fruits of the earth. Their traditional garb clashes brilliantly against the rustic landscape, building to a cacophony of textures and tactility.

The male animal roars particularly loudly in Rodriguez’s artistry. Their hairy, tattooed limbs become erotically entwined, luring the audience to vicariously grope the throbbing display of masculinity.

Athleticism is romanticized in People of the Mud, striking a geometrical panache that thrills the viewer with its rugged appeal.

Sexuality is the ultimate spectator sport in the realm of Luis Alberto Rodriguez. His players coordinate their movements to challenge one another’s taboos until they reach a crescendo of orgasmic repose.



After experiencing the raw, unabashed expression that flows through Rodriguez’s portraiture, one must take a breath. You feel as though you have farmed the fields, triumphed on stage, and scored the winning goal, all in one session. Rodriguez provides a welcome jolt to the soul, and his vision beckons us to return for another intoxicating round of picture perfect pleasure.



Last modified: November 29, 2020