Nailed It! Texas Teen Stands Up for Gay Rights

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Every generation carves a place for itself in history. From bellbottoms to parachute pants to skinny jeans, the fashion world has always had a leg up on innovation, and the queer community is eternally on the forefront of each evolution.

That’s why tastemakers took note when burgeoning style icon Trevor Wilkinson graced Clyde High School with a dazzling display of nail polish realness. The only problem: Clyde High School is located firmly in West Texas.

The administration was colored unimpressed, ordering Trevor to “correct the problem at school” or else he would face further disciplinary action.

Hell to the no, responded Trevor (we’re paraphrasing). Instead, the 17 year old opted for a fresh coat of rainbow-hued attitude, which he sported on Good Morning America. “I am a gay male, so I kind of went for a Pride theme,” he told the popular morning show.

The school responded by issuing an in-school suspension, or ISS. Trevor was royally pISSed off, so he took to the most logical place to air his digital grievances: Twitter.

His tweet went viral, so Trevor dug his nails into the momentum of the movement he had just created. He started a petition on to voice his fierceness and flash those killer claws anew.

“It’s to remove discrimination, sexism, homophobia, and racism in small towns that feel like they can enforce a dress code or rules that completely go against how people feel and completely go against freedom of expression,” narrates Trevor.

And the world is responding with a massive thumbs-up. To date, the petition has earned approximately 160,000 signatures, cementing Trevor’s status as an influencer with his finger(s) on the pulse of true transformation.

“I would not change who I am for the world,” declares Trevor. “I’m learning to fully love myself and be comfortable in my own skin and sexuality, and I think that is an amazing thing.”

We think so too, Trevor. Wave hello to the spotlight, say goodbye to oppression, and give the finger to conventional thinking. You go, guy!

Photo: YouTube: Good Morning America 


Last modified: December 11, 2020