Gayle’s 5 Best Healthy Gourmet Recipes of the Year

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Black Bass with Bacon Dashi

All recipes and photography by Gayle Van Wely

For you health conscious foodies out there, we’ve looked back at some of Gayle’s recipes, and have chosen five healthy meal ideas to help you find the slender you again:

Black Bass with Bacon Dashi

Looking to let that someone special know that you’re in the mood for romance, but not wanting to put him or her into a carb coma? How about trying this dish? Black Bass with Bacon Dashi, which pairs the alluring, smoky flavor of bacon and actually makes it light and healthy. Dashi is a seaweed broth rich in minerals with as much Vitamin C as orange juice. Black cod is a terrific source of protein and healthy fats. Find those recipes below.

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Bourbon Marinated Wagyu Steak

On the other hand, if you and your squeeze are real carnivores, you can sate your cravings with this Bourbon caper marinated Wagu NY strip on white asparagus, shallot garlic jam and Worcestershire gastrique. When it comes to red meat, you’ll find this cut a less fattening option because — well, it has less fat throughout. Think less ribeye and more along the lines of a filet mignon, and you’re on the right track.

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Steamed PEI Mussels with Wine in Egg Cream Sauce

When we first published this recipe at the end of last year, conventional wisdom had us thinking about entertaining for guests at the crest of the Yuletide. But you know what? This recipe is a good deal more versatile than that. Its origins track back hundreds, if not thousands of years, and perhaps one of the reasons it endures is that it’s as useful as it is delicious and healthy. This dish has been so malleable over the passage of time that the recipe has shown up in remarkable variety in cookbooks for other cuisines. Try ours, and if you think you can improve it or give it a local, regional or ethnic spin — rock it out.

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Pistachio Crusted Lamb With Green Peas Of Our Petit Pois À La Francais

Ah, the humble pistachio. If it weren’t for the shells (which we think of here as nature’s diet), we’d all be twice our weight. And sure, if you’re an adventurer, you’ve tried these tasty little fellas on ice cream. But they also add zest and depth to a meat dish, and it pairs especially well with lamb. Add our savory (and healthy) peas as a side, and you have more reasons than you need to either invite the neighbors in or make enough for leftovers.

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Healthy Hawaiian Style Seared Tuna

Now that the entire known universe has discovered poké, and how appetizing, healthy and quick to prepare it is, the onus is on you to do something a little out of the ordinary with your tuna. Because we know that variety is indeed the spice of life, we’ve provided not one, but two different tuna steak preparations for your consideration. Do remember that a tuna steak is one of your healthiest eating options, and that to thoughtlessly toss one in a pan and sear it for a minute on each side is considered cruel and unusual punishment in civilized circles. See what we recommend as an alternative:

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Last modified: January 21, 2019

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