Public Sex Is Pricey!

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Puerto Vallarta is a haven for hedonism. You can indulge in LGBTQ excess and cock…tails galore, but there is a line in the luxurious sand which you should not cross. And apparently, that line is public sex.

Two tourists recently visited the fabulous Mantamar Beach Club and quenched their sizzling flesh in the transparent pool. The upscale resort overlooks the gay beach, allowing passersby to see every inch of the underwater shenanigans splashing around in the swim-up bar.

The water sports enthusiasts got carried away with the amenities at Mantamar, feasting on more than just seared tuna and adult beverages.

Soon, the lusty guests’ bodies were eagerly entwined, giving beachgoers quite a show! Some intrepid shutterbugs captured footage of the incident, submitting their evidence to local authorities.

Unfortunately, Mantamar was held responsible for their unruly visitors. The resort had to pay 22,179.60 pesos (over $1,000) in fines for violating local indecency regulations. The perpetrators themselves apparently “got off” scot-free.

Look, we don’t want to be too judgmental – Puerto Vallarta brings out the sensual side in all of us. But it seems completely unfair for Mantamar to suffer the punishment for the indiscretions of their attendees. So, we are issuing a public service announcement to help avoid further injustices in the future. If you are planning a trip to PV, there are plenty of outlets for your passion that won’t result in hefty fees.

For example, the city is famous for their all-nude male strip clubs, like Anthropology. You can also watch hunky men shower at Wet Dreams – what could be cleaner than that?

Go-go dancers are waiting to teach you what public indecency really means at La Noche.

So, it really is unnecessary for Mantamar to pick up the pieces when tourists get frisky in their pool, as you can see in the following video.

The images have been blurred to protect the identities of the gropey couple. Hmm, those two didn’t seem so concerned about anonymity when they were humping in a see-through pool during broad daylight. But enough with the snarky summary – please enjoy one last glimpse of gay paradise…

Oh, and here’s the uncensored video (not safe for work… or anywhere, really).



Last modified: October 21, 2020