RuPaul’s Newest Villain: This Milk Has Gone Bad!

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Milk drag queen

Got Milk? We have exclusive video of the RuPaul’s All Star who seems to be sporting a look somewhere between Where’s Waldo and Big Bird today.

Milk, of course, is the stage name of one Daniel Donigan, an American figure skater and drag performer best known for being a contestant on Season 6 and All Stars 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In his bio, he reveals that his alter ego Dan grew up in Syracuse, NY. “Holla, 315,” he says offering a shout-out to his home area code. What else does Milk want you to know now that (spoiler alert) he’s been booted from the All Stars camp yet again?

The following is paraphrased from his website and the RuPaul Wiki site.

Milk/Dan “does have a mommy and a daddy… and two really hot brothers. They like (ahem, girls). Sorry, gays. Dan went to Catholic school and was an altar boy. He was never touched by an angel, thankfully.

He was a competitive figure skater, for like, ever. In 2009, Dan joined the Marc Jacobs International family. He loves clothes, like any teenage girl. Duh. He was the Merchandising Manager at Marc Jacobs in NYC. Milk can be seen tackling models at every “Marc” runway show.

Dan breast-formed a drag group called “the Dairy Queens” which is cream-based on the East Coast. The members are: Milk, Skim Burley (Milk’s drag daughter), Yoohoo, Linda Lakes and Juggz.

Milk owes much of her success to New York Nightlife Mogul Susanne Bartsch. Susanne discovered Milk and the Dairy Queens at her party at ON TOP: LeBain. She loved these (ahem, ladies) and has been promoting them ever since.

Dan lives in NYC’s Curry Hill with his boyfriend James Whiteside, who is a principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre and pop performer Jb Dubs. Whiteside also performs as Yoohoo (a member of the Dairy Queens). That (gurl) busy. And with their cat #MsBit.

Thanks for reading this bio, even though you probably didn’t. Thanks for it.”

In her blog, Milk explains that getting on the show can be an exercise in When you audition for RPDR, it takes a while for you to hear anything. You finally do and it’s the most exciting thing ever! You go on the show, which is the most exciting thing ever! You get eliminated, no comment ;). You wait for 5 months, which seems more like a year, until you can actually say something about it and the cast is announced, which is (you guessed it) the most exciting thing ever!

Last year at this time a lot of us Season 6 girls were texting back and forth in anticipation of the big day when people would finally know our names. We had heard from producers that “Our lives were going to change forever!” At the time it seemed a little far fetched. Yeah yeah yeah, a couple drag race fans will know about me, Milk, and the crazy antics I like to pull on the runway, but ‘change forever’…I highly doubt it.”

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Last modified: August 6, 2019