Wake Up to a Gay Dream Team on Xmas Morning

Written by | The Lens

Here’s the T: Christmas is queer. The holiday season is full of singing, obligations, and an aging bear dressed all in red. Can it get any gayer?

Hell yup, says Netflix.

Their upcoming film Single All the Way boasts a who’s who of hey there! The streaming super-studio just announced the cast of their LGBTQ+ production, which includes Michael Urie, Luke MacFarlane and Philemon Chambers as a trio of gorgeous gays tasked to survive the awkwardness of a homo ho-ho-homecoming.

As if those three performers weren’t enough for the price of subscription, take a gander at the supporting players: Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Najimy, Jennifer Robertson and Barry Bostwick. We are living for some Rocky Horror realness with a side of hot dog soup, flowing like a Schitt’s Creek into your Hocus Pocus heart.

Assembling such a roster of rainbow riches required a robust vision (pardon the alliteration – we’re excited!). When screenwriter Chad Hodge sat down to pen the story, he conjured up the tale of queer camaraderie, farcical misunderstandings, and the good intentions that bind us all together, even through the most trying times.

“I made a list of all the things I personally wanted to see in a holiday rom-com,” he recounts for Variety. “The list ran the gamut, from honestly portraying the uniqueness of gay friendships and relationships, to the often hilarious dynamics of our families, to Jennifer Coolidge. I’m so grateful to Netflix for embracing all of it. I can’t wait to see it come to life.”

To achieve the herculean task of juggling talent, pathos, and seasonal sentiment, Netflix tapped Tony-winning director Michael Mayer to helm Single All the Way. He beams that it’s “gratifying to tell a story that happens AFTER coming out!”

Indeed, the film surveys the landscape of growth and belonging through the lens of adulthood (for a welcome change). Humans are constantly evolving, and nothing amplifies our insecurities and affection like a misguided Christmas gathering.

As producer Joel S. Rice explains, “What I love most about this hysterical, moving project is that it is simply a genuine holiday romantic comedy that explores friendship and love between gay men.”

We’re here for it, we’re queer for it, and we holiday-cheer for it. Pass the egg nog!


Last modified: April 1, 2021