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Our mission is to provide lifetime security, taking advantage of beneficial tax planning and the prudent use of savings, insurance and a diversified investment portfolio.
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Smart Daily Administrators LLC, was created for one purpose: to make life easier for individuals, families and small businesses. We’re a daily money management company offering payment and budget services, assistance with financial, legal and insurance forms, and help with all the complex paperwork that you don’t have time for. We work with time-pressed professionals, with busy families, with small business owners and with seniors who need help sorting through the complexities of personal finance and insurance in order to stay independent. While we handle the paperwork and red tape, our clients get peace of mind and more time for the important things in life.
White Plains

Wells Fargo & Company is an American international banking and financial services holding company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with “hubquarters” throughout the country.

We believe in our vision and values just as strongly today as we did the first time we put them on paper more than 20 years ago. Staying true to them will guide us toward continued growth and success for decades to come. As you read more about our vision and values, you will learn about who we are, where we’re headed and how every Wells Fargo team member can help us get there.
New York
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Professional service with a personal touch.

Your personal or small business finances will profit from our 36+ years of experience in accounting and tax practice. Letting us oversee the financial end of your enterprise leaves you with more time for your customers and employees. Our philosophy is that it’s not about what you earn, but rather about what you keep. We strive to ensure that at the end of the fiscal year you keep the maximum amount. If that sounds like the kind of financial goal you want to achieve, give us a call.
New York