Killer Queens, Prince Unseen, and Parsons’ Gender Fluid Film

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Prince, circa "Purple Rain" era

For realz? At a time when America is collectively sleeping with one eye open over random shootings, a drag queen threatens violence. Plus unreleased Prince and Jim Parsons takes the lead.

Paging Dragnet

Will somebody please call 911? Tyra Sanchez, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 has evidently either had her Facebook page hacked or lost touch with reality. On a status update just published, she appears to post a threat of physical harm against her fellow queens: “Fair warning,” says the post. “DO NOT attend RuPaul’s DragCon on May 12, 2018. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” So far, Tyra Sanchez’ Facebook post has accumulated more than 200 comments and well above 100 shares.

Her fan base — or the public at large (take your pick) — is not amused. One respondent snapped back. that America has seen 427 mass shootings in 2017,” and another “96 in 2018 alone, and you think it’s cute to post a ‘warning’ like this. This is NOT okay Tyra.”

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Sanchez’ remarks are thought to a response to DragCon officials banning her from the L.A. convention following her threats to harm fellow queens Tatianna and Phi Phi O’Hara.

O’Hara recently tweeted a video of Sanchez threatening assault, perhaps by proxy like Tonya Harding. “Yeah, I may not have physically did it [sic], but it will be my doing. Remember that sh*t, bitch.”

Once DragCon officials got wind of the video — courtesy of O’Hara, their judgment was swift. “As it currently stands, we cannot allow you to come to DragCon (in any form). We need to see you make a sincere public apology. This apology has to make it clear that you do not condone violence against another person (including other queens) and that you will in no way encourage others to act violently (or otherwise inappropriately).”

Stay tuned.

Kids Will Be . . .

Silas Howard’s drama A Kid Like Jake is set for an international premiere opening night of the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival next month at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The announcement was made today by Inside Out’s Director of Programming, Andrew Murphy.

The film sees Claire Danes (Homeland, My So-Called Life) and Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory), The Normal Heart) navigate a difficult road as they’re working out how to educate their son in the private school system of New York City while helping him come to self-awareness in his own struggle with gender identity.

As the press notes explain, “while preparing applications to private schools for four-year-old Jake, Alex (Danes) and Greg (Parsons) are told to focus on what makes their child unique, which, according to their preschool advisor, Judy (Octavia Spencer), is Jake’s gender-expansive play. Qualities that did not seem unusual before are put under the microscope, and when Jake begins acting out in preschool, Alex and Greg must come together to lend support and not lose each other in the process.”

The supporting cast includes Amy Landecker (Transparent), Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Priyanka Chopra (Quantico).

Here’s the trailer:

The Once and Future Prince

Warner Brothers Records, where Prince recorded his most popular hits, from “I Want to Be Your Lover” up through “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain” and “Kiss” will be releasing a new album of previously unreleased material in September. But the first track is already out, and it’s a majestic studio version of the Prince classic, “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Prince had performed the songs many times live, but a studio version has eluded fans — until now.

Here it is:

Ex-Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter told the showbiz bible Variety that his Atom Factory is overseeing the release in cooperation with Princes’s estate. He’s quoted as saying, “the release of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ was the first piece of music to come from our collaboration with the estate, and now we’re working on a release for the fall — a full-length album.”

During his life, Prince famously feuded with Warner’s to control his music. Numerous plans to put a box set together led to nothing. Dance club-friendly 12″ mixes pulled together? Nope. Instead, Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph and wrote the word “Slave” on his face in protest for years.

His fans will be delighted to hear more music from the era of his greatest influence. The world will never know what Prince would think. He died nearly two years ago from an opioid overdose.

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Last modified: February 14, 2019