Let Grindr Be Your Sex Tour Guide

Written by | The Lens

Covid has been the ultimate jock-block. We haven’t been able to travel all year – so what makes your fave hotspots so hot? Some people choose their vacation destinations for the culture, architecture, and cuisine… but “some people” are damn liars. We know exactly what you want, and it rhymes with “maximum gay sex.”

The homorrific hookup app Grindr is serving up the scintillation you desire with a burst of data analysis with a capital ANAL. The diligent number crunchers at the tech titan assessed users’ behavior and compiled a handy breakdown in the form of an Instagram slideshow. So, where in the world is everyone getting laid? And how are they laying one another? All aboard for satisfaction.

According to Grindr’s slutty statistics, the most active cities are Houston, Washington, D.C., Paris, Bogota, and Santiago. But before you book your post-pandemic trip, you should ask yourself what kind of action you crave. Are you top, bottom, vers, or just plain YAAS?!?

Luckily, the gurus at Grindr really spread their spreadsheet wide open, mapping the global centers for each respective boudoir predilection. The countries with the highest percentage of bottoms are South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, and Peru. So, set sail for ASSventure and plant your flag (consensually) in the aforementioned receiving nations.

If you prefer a top-notch getaway, emphasis on the top, then pack your poppers and explore the realm of pitchers. Apparently, they reside in Morocco, Israel, Chile, Nigeria, and India.

For an equal opportunity app-cruising experience, flex your versatility! Grindr has rounded up the most well rounded consortium of flip-fornicators, and they are as follows: Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, and Guatemala. That’s quite a whirlwind trip; man, our arms (and mouths and elsewhere) are tired!

Now, we must stipulate that the information presented above is merely an indication of trends and titillations. Just because a high percentage of citizens in one country solicit themselves as tops, that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Not everyone is truthful online (gasp supreme!).

Also, this snapshot of Grindr behavior is just that: a snapshot. Guys who identify as bottoms today may wish to mount your manhole tomorrow. After all, 2020 is a year that we all want to leave BEHIND. And on that note, enjoy the naughty numbers for yourself…


Last modified: December 21, 2020