Modeling a White Wedding Dress, Actor Nico Tortorella Marries His Lesbian Bride

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Nico Tortorella/BethanyMeyers wedding

It was an androgynously white wedding for actor Nico Tortorella, who rocked a white dress at his marriage ceremony where the openly bisexual star married fitness professional Bethany Meyers — who also identifies herself as a gay woman.

The nuptials fixes the very nontraditional bride and groom as the cherry on top of a cake that celebrates their polyamorous relationship of more than a decade.

Tortorella recently shared photos from the couple’s special day on Instagram along with a posted caption which read, “Just married. For real.”

Tortorella is pictured at the ceremony sporting a pretty spectacular white dress at the ceremony, and told Them that taking their wedding day to share the insurgent fun, self-expression and freedom to enjoy the experience was exhilarating and validating.

When asked, the couple explained that their plan was equal parts subverting the dominant paradigm and just pure wedding day frolic.

According to the newlyweds, “the looks are everything we’ve ever dreamed of,” including “genderbending ensembles designed by our dear friend Andrew Morrison. Timeless androgynous paraphernalia mimicking romanesque sculpture that fluidly blends masculine and feminine. In this relationship, we both wear the pants and the dress. We put on our faces and machinery, finally topping each other off in crowns. Duh, we wore crowns. Not for the gag of it all, but because it feels like something we’ve done in the past, so we had to keep the tradition alive. In this life’s iteration, this is, in fact, our royal wedding.”

Anticipating the inevitable haters that would take issue with their unconventional “I do’s,” they also posted the following:

Here we are, the day I dreamed of yet not the day I imagined, and I couldn’t be happier. Plenty won’t understand it, something I’m gradually learning to accept. For others, it will help open their eyes to different ways to love. And for some, our story will make them feel less alone. It will give them strength to ask for the things they want and need in a partner. As traditional as we may appear on the outside, we are far from it on the inside.

Dresses aren’t your thing? How about meggings?

Last modified: June 29, 2018