This Is What to Expect from Season Three of “Handmaid’s Tale”

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Whether or not you’ve begun your third visit to Gilead, you’ve got some surprises in store.

Previously, On “Handmaid’s Tale”

Season Two of Margaret Atwood’s fascist fantasia was action packed: daring escapes, massive explosions, loss of life and limb. And just when it seemed that June (Elisabeth Moss) would finally escape Gilead with her daughter and gender traitor pal Emily (Alexis Bledel), June turned back to rescuing her other daughter Hannah.

Here’s What to Watch Out For

So, we’ve been keeping our eyes out for hints about season three since we first glimpsed those supremely creepy pictures at the National Mall in D.C. with the Washington Monument replaced by a giant cross.

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And here’s what we know: Returning characters will include Bradley Whitford, now as a series regular, and Ann Dowd — though we don’t know how she will be changed by her character’s stabbing. What’s more, Cast additions will include Christopher Meloni (Pose) and Elizabeth Reaser (Haunting of Hill House) as Commander and Mrs. Winslow, who’ll play host to the Waterfords. The show’s late premiere (June 5) means it will miss this year’s Emmy eligibility. So we’ll have to wait a while to see cast favorites like Samira Wiley get another chance at the podium. In better news, Atwood is returning to Gilead on the page with a sequel called The Testaments, slated for release in September 2019.

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Last modified: July 8, 2019