Sissy That Washington: Robert Garcia Owns MTG

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Want to make Marjorie Taylor Greene’s peabrain explode? It’s surprisingly easy. Just follow these three easy steps and watch those split-ends fly!

One: introduce her to a “Hispanic.”

Two: tolerate homosexuality.

Three: politely inform MTG that the aforementioned gay immigrant is now her equal in the halls of Congress.


Voters from California’s 42nd district just said YAAS to Robert Garcia, the newly elected Representative who will square off with braindead bigots like Herr Greene when he arrives in Washington D.C.

Here’s a preview:

The above tweet quickly went viral, racking up (busty pun intended) over 100k likes… but with great power comes great irascibility. Conservative “thinkers” like Queen Fluffy Titterbuggers tweeted a litter-box full of bile. “Maybe instead of acting like a clown, you show up and do your job instead. You’re no better than she is when you match the energy. Grow up” – to which @AnthropoWords replied the following:

Congressman Garcia joined the fun, monitoring the digital cesspool known as Twitter and interjecting his own brand of emoji realness and kick-ass sass.

We uber-love the fact that Garcia is already trolling the trolls, but his feisty facade masks a depth of realness that he revealed in a recent interview with Telemundo.

“It has been difficult at different times in my life because I am gay and an immigrant, but I think it is always important to feel proud of the person you are.”

Marjorie “Hitler” Greene won’t understand half of the concepts Garcia is bringing to the Capitol, despite the fact that she constantly cites family values in her hypocritical ramblings. Well, guess what, Marjie? We have families too.

“Hispanics are a community that loves our families,” argues Garcia, “and that includes trans and LGBTQ people, but we must understand that if the Republicans win more seats in Congress they will have more power to take away rights from women and gay people. And that is not what we want for this great country.”

Gawd bless America, and thank you for your righteous representation, Robert Garcia!

Photo: Instagram @robertgarcialb

Last modified: November 15, 2022