The Decadent Days of Disco Captured in a New Book: “Studio 54”

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inside of studio 54

Studio 54 | By Ian Schrager; Rizzoli New York; $75

studio 54 coverFrom the moment studio 54 opened in 1977, the club provided spectacles that epitomized the idea that nothing succeeds like excess, and now the man who created what may well go down as history’s most storied nightclub — entrepreneur Ian Schrager — is offering a first-hand account of what Studio 54 was really like, from the pulsating dance floors to every private nook and cranny. It was an age that saw a flourishing of conspicuous celebrity, and this book has the images to prove it. Inside you’ll find photos and anecdotes from an assortment of artists (Andy Warhol), rock stars (Mick Jagger), athletes (Muhammad Ali) and actresses (Elizabeth Taylor), as well as divas (Diana Ross), fashionistas (Yves Saint Laurent) and many more. Its original incarnation lasted only three years. Its cultural impact may be eternal.

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Last modified: July 18, 2018