The Gendarmerie Boutique and Spa

The Gendarmerie Boutique and Spa

9069 Nemo Street

West Hollywood, CA 90069


About The Gendarmerie Boutique and Spa

Our hair experts offer a complete range of treatment and styling services for both men and women. They will advise or consult to help you maximize all that's good about you and to create your won individual style. All of our facial treatments consist of an I-Derm deep skin ionization process. (Low grade galvanic current that encourages hydration and rejuvenation by cell stimulation and reproduction.) Our therapists combine the therapeutic techniques of Deep Tissue and Sports massage with the feel good pampering of Swedish Massage to create a custom treatment that is luxurious and effective in relieving pain and stress. We offer a 45 minute treatment using our custom foot bath. This treatment stimulates the cleansing mechanisms in your body, triggering a detoxifying process that lasts 3-5 days. Massage and scrubbed, your feet are exfoliated, paraffin treated, softened, and nails are trimmed and buffed. Be sandal and slipper ready, picture perfect. A soothing soak & massage prepares your hands for the nail shaping and buffing that gives you a gentlemans' self-assurance.