What Should Grooms Wear on the Big Day? Picking the Tux That’s Right for You

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grooms in slick suits

How do you go about deciding what to wear on your big day?


Renting can be kind if you plan to match with your wedding party and usually makes sure everything down to the cumberbund is coordinated. Plus, if you don’t have much call to wear a tuxedo, why not spend $150-$300 to rent and use the extra coin to enhance your honeymoon? However, if you do have galas, openings and formal events on the horizon, it makes sense to buy something you can wear again. Indochino is a great place to start searching; their wedding section features fashion-forward menswear and the accessories to tie it all together.


Slender gents can get away with a double breasted look, while the more traditional single-breasted look may be better for the bears. Huskier gents should also consider a shawl lapel as it can really make you shine. Peaked lapels are most popular, while wing collars are more formal. Richard Ardito of Biltmore Tuxedos in Ridgewood, NJ recommends grooms “personalize your look with a special pair of cuff links or bright socks” or consider “a dinner jacket in a bright color or pattern.”

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If your wedding has a non-traditional vibe, dress accordingly. For a beach wedding, consider going khaki, brown or even blue. Ardito suggests, “If you’ll be saying ‘I do’ at a converted old barn or vineyard upstate, opt for a charcoal grey or blue suit.” But, he warns, “Just because Ryan Gosling is in a similar outfit in a picture doesn’t mean it’s going to look right on you.”

Tie It Up

Your tie is an perfect opportunity to show your wedding colors, bring out your eyes, coordinate with your betrothed and express yourself. Looking for a little personality? Check out The Bow Tie Club, Mo’s Bows or Knotty Tie Co. Two Guys Bowties is a distinctive brand with options made from rare and exotic pieces of hardwood like African Zebrawood, Peruvian Walnut, South American Bocote, Canary and more. Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson founded an organization called Tie the Knot in 2012 as a fun way to engage every American in the fight for marriage equality and global LGBTQ rights. His ties are featured at The Tie Bar.

Last modified: December 20, 2018